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  1. u gots hue lips !! chuu !

  2. well i dont thikn ill be making a guild. i might be going for a while, need a break

  3. we could try be friends yeah and about unde. i think its all good but i wont be back, not for a while

  4. =p mine came from fire

  5. u r !! i swear if u lived close by i'd date u ! heck id kill the groupies just so im first in line lol

  6. hey beautiful xD u got such gorgous redish lips !!! just like a rasberry

  7. i dont mean to say i want to be the center of attention but rather dont ignore me im talking to u or with u....dont be like or pretend im not here u know.

  8. i mean people who say to be my friends but in reality i mean shit to them

  9. the old one is back ? thats hard to believe

  10. bit messy, cant describe that xD but to put it simple im sick of the fake people around me

  11. medio solitaria. la verdad que la gente de aca...mis "amigos" son una mierda....

  12. thanks for being thoughtful erika

  13. yah right heh well at least u can get on. how u been lately then ?

  14. how come??? u did get caught didnt u

  15. i think ur pics are very nice

  16. why ?? what did u bad honey -pokes- they didnt caught u drinkin did they

  17. btw u look very adorable, i got temped to pounce on u lol

  18. how are we supposed to practice for this if we cant even play the game ?? the soccer ball wont move
  19. liar thats a bath robe

  20. hey hey shortie !

  21. haha =p stop drinking too

  22. if ur not wearing a bath robe what are u wearing in ur pic

  23. if u dont stop, imma summon the Laura Ultra Rare card

    Laura card = Pretty awesome girl: Laura. the Chosen One. You cant argue with this girlie. No monster can deal dmg to her and traps wont do shit. Oscar dies the moment Laura is summoned

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