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  1. hey abril !!! che te puedo pedir un favorsito ???

    ves mi siggy ? podrias ayudarnos con los threads y el poll ? XD vota si !! y desile a los otros miembros de apoc que voten y den su support XD thank u!

  2. but 10 people and less dont cut it XD

  3. u usually get insulted when people cant beat u XD

  4. struggling as usual hah we in unde dont have that many online members for woe

  5. i see a lill itsy bitsy bisdak roaming forums XD

  6. pandork how come ur not around anymore

  7. u back in gro yet??

    as of late i've been spending every free time i have in digging. im trying to get that thing to make dlh but its so hard to get. i really do think this will prevent its mass production....thats good

  8. i dont know what to say anymore. hows ur gro life ?

  9. can i call u clemente XD ???

  10. u mister need to be online more often lol

  11. im online usually very late at night :X...

  12. i dont know y but i've meaning to tell u that i think u look ver cute in ur pic

  13. well its Yui Hime (ninija) but since im in hunting mode most of the time, im in my sinx -> Nanri

  14. y u ashamed? after all u got such hot girl with u hahaha u should be proud

  15. "....oh yes.... there will be blood..."

    there is going to be a 6th movie \(^O^)/ !!! just google saw v and then go to its wiki pedia site and ull see there. The script for the 6th movie is being written

  16. wow ur name sounds exactly like one of my friends name. Where are u from again ?? i think i might actually know u in real?

  17. rome :X ? please help ?

  18. heh i didnt get too much of what u said but can i guess ur coming back herE?

  19. where have u gone to ?? we miss u

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