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  1. Star

    Anime hair guy.

    8D you pretty much look like some ragnarok character. ;D

    Rofl hai winterr.

  2. *pokes the new, fabulous gm*

  3. *pokes the fabulous gm*

  4. you just can't quit. <3 we love you so much.

    cant get over the guide. and mj in a thong. Roflyeah. <3

  5. *invades* :D!

  6. HEY THERE. :)

  7. Star

    Lol tiff. :

    i cant spread my arms that wide. Q.Q :

    *hugs* i heart you :D

  8. MJ in a thong. Rofl. XD

  9. Star

    so yer the older turkey. :) hey turkey. o: im bored. ;-; so i ravaged random pages.

  10. *pokes*

    i'm still awake. *--* talk to me. D::! *roars*


  12. i heart you tiffy~ <3

  13. im using lk. most of the time 8D

  14. Harlow there cai. Harpy Birthday. ;3;

  15. Wooooah ixxx. :D!

  16. Heya deenz. ;O imma fan of yerz. ♥

  17. sabby, is, hawt. <3 i heart joo sabby <3

  18. D: winterrr :<

  19. I found you doggie~ /emoticons/default_biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> that was some cool soulbreaker on a pally. 999999

  20. JOO ARE A GUY TIFF. Rofl. i love you tiff. Roar ♥

  21. Star

    Professor Red nipple? i dunno that person. o.o; you're mistaken. :\

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