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  1. It isn't hard to have fun on gRO is it? What's your favorite pvp char/build?

    1. Kenzie Riann

      Kenzie Riann


    2. Abbathor



    3. Kenzie Riann

      Kenzie Riann


  3. I had a chance to fight Beelzebub and managed to land a lot of overbrand hits, it's messy to fight him... Anyways these are the few things that might be causing an issue: No GTB: The amount of negative spells that Beelzebub oozes is crazy, that could be messing with your chances of hitting him. Cast Cancel: You aren't using a Phen card or similar items to avoid having your cast canceled. Blind Effect from Evil Land: Reduces your hit by 25%. In conclusion, I don't think it's wise to fight him without a shield, the reflect will help you defeat him as well together with the overbrand hits.
  4. I am actually having the same issue
  5. This comment is the sole reason I posted a reply so no, I am not posting out of stupidity or ignorance, for years this server has had an issue with minorities complaining about people not using the game the way it was intended and demanding that something be done about it, the first change I remember was the healing items restriction during woe, minorities (myself included) complained about yggdrasilberry usage during WoE, which is story I don't want to get into, but it was changed and it brought a fresh nice new vibe to the server, priests with healing became the norm in every woe after that. But this dual clienting stuff is not the issue here, Abril mentioned that you need to choose a proper party to play the game the way it was supposed to be played, but sadly this isn't the case with most games and the other sad truth is that there isn't enough players during woe (I am only speculating here) and those 20-28 players online during WoE 2.0 are just inflated numbers thanks to dual clients because I assure you, if there was enough players to play different roles a proper guild would not resort to using dual clients to cheat, people will take advantage of every little thing if they can, and since there is already a system in place (account bound stuff) I see no reason why it should bother the flow of the game. So the problems we see are: Emperium Fragment Farming: Already taken care of thanks to the account bound items, hell make the fragments Character bounded as well. Exploding Mechanic: Can't you just block this skill during WoE? A 1 hit KO skill isn't fun in the first place, specially for WoE. Dual Minstrel/Wanderer: Not sure about this one but something can be worked out no? Not sure what other issues does the dualing bring but I am sure they can be worked out in a proper way, players will ALWAYS find ways to cheat the game, all you gotta do is be ahead of them, I am talking to you GMs.
  6. I don't understand why do we have to even consider banning anything everyone complains about, is it really worth it to listen to the "community" if all they do is moan and groan about every little damn thing? I am all for listening to the community but this is beyond stupid, if dual clienting is so bad then why not just roll with it like everyone else has done in the last 10 years? It's not like you are more effective by dual clienting, fuck, if anything you are waaay less effective by handling 2 chars at once, it's just like having two freaking girlfriends, you will never be able to satisfy both. I personally just use it to FCP myself or to do 2 things at the same time, I mean it's not like we have an amazing entertaining server. As matter of fact, if dual clienting affects your game play why not just create a rule for reporting it's abuses instead of considering banning the practice all together? I dual client to CHAT with people while I hunt stuff, why in the hell would you ban such a thing? It's been around forever. Why would I want this server to be an exact copy of kRO/iRO? I want to play high rate with custom stuff, come on people.
  7. Why would you want the LHZ restriction removed? People didn't leave the server just because some dungeons got locked up, it's just an easy quest away from being accessible. If we are talking about fixing things, finding a way to fix the economy would be a better start.
  8. See this doesn't make sense to me? A sorcerer also gets their SP removed if they step into a portal infested with Bloodlust, where do you buy your logic?
  9. Let me put this into easier terms so you can understand where I am coming from: Bloodlusts effect is official? Yes. SP Pots are available in the official servers? Yes We have a custom WoE with a no healing pots rule, which I whole heartily agree with but you have to remember that these rules were made back when these skills didn't exist so we gotta accommodate to the new changes. My suggestion still stands, it doesn't have to be the high SP healing pots or berries, heck Blue potions will do just so we can at least cast some skills afterwards.
  10. Yep that's exactly the one. I noticed a stalker just dropping that at a the entrance of a room in woe and rending everyone useless cause of the no pot rule we have during woe. I guess it could either be to enable SP or disable that one skill during woe.
  11. You can just buy the ingredients to make the pots, if you hunt some gold and then buy the ingredients at the alchemist shop it's a lot easier than to gather the ingredients from monsters.
  12. I'm still not very familiar with renewal and most of the new classes skills, but I've noticed a few skills like the Maelstrom trap by the Shadow Chaser that screw up your SP. Could it be possible to have SP pots enabled just because of the new skills? It's really pathetic that half a guild can die on WoE thanks to a single skill.
  13. You beat me to the argument I was gonna use!
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