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  1. Hey whatsup, long time no see, any of my old friends from back in the golden days of the BBVHL or before then still around? Been a while...
  2. Agito lad! How are you doing fella? Not sure if you remember me but i sure do remember you! You'd probably remember me more on Saddam or simply as Tom!
  3. Anyone else tried it out yet? My brother told me about it so I decided I may as well try it considering as how it is free to purchase. Its better than I expected considering it being an app. Its pretty fun, especially when you have somebody to play it with, otherwise it can be a little bit boring. Its good if you have some time to spare or are waiting for something, which I tend to be doing a lot, though sadly its a bit slow to play on 3G . Check it out and tell us what you think! (Me shouting abuse at someone already haha)
  4. I forgot. I think It might have been around 2009/8? I think you need to brush up on your idea of what "manly" means.
  5. Video is wank, meaningless and completely pointless but its a tune nonetheless... Fuck y'all mad at me for?!
  6. Too many memories of this place

  7. I'm sorry but I have to disagree! I feel there was some mockery at work in the images that were supposedly me, at my expense! I'm almost certain that I do not own any of the garments that you drew me in, nor have I ever worn anything of the sort! I personally think its just another one of your attempts at bullying me... and it worked. OH MY GOD. I was just looking through a bunch of my old status's from the early days and I came across a link to one of those drawings we speak of... the horror!
  8. You've drawn things for me many times without me paying, or even asking! But then again id prefer for their existence to be completely wiped out... kind of portray a rather "different" and most definitely wrong image of me!
  9. eyyo bby gurl

    1. RainbowPowder


      HOHOH! BBY BOY! <3. ./gg

  10. STALK ME PLZ PLZ :)"

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