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  1. maybe :-)

  2. im fine and you ? are u comming back *_*?

  3. Hey Mikel how are you?

  4. FUYU >:o !

  5. Hey, man, it's me, Train. I was the buyer who bought your TAO. Haha!

  6. -huggles- good

    ; - ;

  7. Ho ho no worry I will spamming you with comments (Im a expert at this)

  8. I think I gonna stay at the momment Forum Active only :/

    how are you btw?

  9. Well I dont know Im at the moment thinking about staying because its a suffer to find another normal HR server without Fukking Wings and such ubber items. One is sure Im just Forum active for the momment.(Hmm porque ablo ingles o.O)

  10. You're leaving ; - ;? -adds you to msn- -realizes you don't have one DX

  11. you gonna leave gro D= ?

  12. HAHA Mikel pvp was fun and you beat me with Shield chain only because I was in berserker bleh


    I wanna say goodbye you was really one of my best friends here in GRO!

  13. Goodbye Kiwi too shame that I didnt talk a lot with you DX

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