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  1. Yo Zane, when we pickin up those hot bishes from Cali DX. Oh and Hi =D

  2. Zane

    Hey bud, its been awhile! How've you been?

  3. Lemo


  4. Haha,of cos i remember u. I think i remember. ><

  5. Heey I remember you. Its me Zidaner!? I don't think you remember me though xD

  6. Cinji

    yu will, bro.

  7. Zane

    Late reply? My bad bud. And I've been good. Finally got this fixed. This as in my laptop so I'll be on GRO. So see ya around.

  8. Cinji

    nm nm, j00h?

  9. Karam...what do you think happened. XD

    And Yay! I'm in the list...almost in the middle though >.>

  10. Zane

    Whaddup Karam.

  11. Whaa? Say Hi back gawd darnet.

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