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  1. I think I'm lost. >.<

  2. NYU NYU NYU NYU NYUUUUU~~~~~~~~~~~ <3 <3 <3

  3. Happy birthday~~~! I wish you lots and lots of pressies, cake and a great time! :)

  4. *throws bright, little pots of love at Tama's wall*

  5. Awww... Sweetsies!~

    Loving ya' profile babe~

    A thousand huggles your way! ^.^

  6. Yay! This'll be fun, fun! In-game name: Tragedy Best of luck to everyone!
  7. Okay, okay! Gotz it! I shall rain you pressies on the 3RD. :D

  8. OMFG! Det er jo.... Wow... 19 sider.. Jeg er lamslaaet.... O____O

    Din gruppe fortjener smaek naar de lader dig lave alt arbejdet. :D Hvor vildt..!

    Det maa bare vaere dejligt at have det overstaaet saa. :P

  9. Mange tak!

    Yay!~ Skoent at vaere tilbage!

    Hvordan har du det?

    Jeg har haft det bedre... Min kaereste gennem 2 et halvt aar og jeg har lige slaaet op... Uff..

  10. I almost believed back there that you were 23, y'know. :P You very oooold person! ^^

  11. No! You're 24! There's no such thing as typos!~

  12. Happy birthday!! ^^

  13. Thaank yoou!~ ^^

  14. Oh my goodness! You play bass! Rock on~~! ^^

  15. Oh, I almost forgot about the ranting... :o It's okay, I had an aweeesome night out. ^^ *hugs*

    Thanks for caring :)

  16. Oh really? :P I can only wonder why. O_O

    I love it here.

  17. Luls, I can't quite claim that. :D

    I've lived in Denmark all my life, until about 4 months ago where I moved here and I can tell you, I don't regret a bloody thing :P

  18. So happy, happy Yukke's back! <33 *huggles tight*

  19. Me very invisible :D

  20. *gets punished* Please, Sir, do not take me to gl_prison!!!! lolx3

  21. Punish me! :3

  22. Dare, dare, double dare!

  23. Hello Jesper... Grrrrr!

  24. And you got banzorized too it seems! You bad, bad cheesecake!

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