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  1. Cheers Bec Still no Reply, obviously my plans to return were short lived. Ta.
  2. Cannot remember my main password!

  3. Lexi! Smells!

  4. So I'm thinking about returning tried to log in after I think 2 years and realised I forgot my password. If one of the gms could be so helpful to assist me -Edit I have tried password reset on the main site but it doesn't recognise any of my email addresses.. Thanks B
  5. Forgotten my in game password!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sirus


      I left and i'm at uni now bud! Are you still in game? can't find anyone.

    3. 123patsy


      Coming back to pvp guys?

    4. Sirus


      I might if i can get my password back

  6. 352 users online, and the forums are dead... Interesting.

    1. xMiland


      Lol not at all.

    2. Sirus


      Lol really?

      (P.S My lol was sarcastic)

    3. RainbowPowder


      :( yeah... that's sad D:
  7. Whudup F00l i quit ages ago. fo-riz

  8. You work now? Doing what your like 12! Oh.. can you class a paper-round as a job now.. congrats :)

    INSULT SOME PEENOYS! That's all they're good for. *I don't play fagnarok anymore, i don't give a shiz Yo

  9. Err, i think i lab you!


  10. Jo'momma! that's what!

    My self esteem hit rock bottom, i felt like i had no purpose in my life and wanted to cheer my self up by looking at how much a like one girl can look like chewbacca. Hah, good times! Not a lot, really.... What are you doing online.. Still.

  11. Turn south once you enter my pants..

    *In reply to your "Still pretty lost" update.


  12. Told ya, eventually :)

    Well done.


  13. "Alcohol can make you do weird things, such as sleeping like some sort of ape in a tree. (and no i didnt get pissed in the middle of the day, i was wasted from the clubbing night before" YOU CAN'T GO CLUBBING YOU FUCKING MINOR!!!!


  14. England are through the departure lounge?

  15. How are you doing? I'm not that awesome :P Just only about 89% awesome :)


  16. yipedeefucking do!

  17. They're song lyrics bitch tits, I understand all your songs contain 'oomcha oomcha'

    I thought you might have liked the p.s :P


  18. Ahh, Andy, ya big gay. How ya doing?


  19. Tell you what you little punk ass bitch, why don't you fuck off ye? Go join your ass for £40 an hour, probably won't pay you though! TWAT!

    Much love <3


  20. Hello gegorgous hope your ok. Yeah I'm not doing too bad thanks :) xxx

  21. Mate, 38 grand a year starting, subsidised car, subsidised house ;) What more could i want.I've got my tests in a couple of days! I've been at the gym twice a day for 3 hours! Not good! Although i may be going to Uni to do Computer Forensics, Hum!

    Y'alright ya fucking potatoe tosser?


  22. Well you can't claim to have perfect English, if you clearly don't! :P


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