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  1. Falcon Damage... Soooo. You use the Falcon Assult Skill right?
  2. How about the Armor? What Card Should I put in my armor.. well.. actually i'm planning on Puting a Ghostring Card. Is that ok?
  3. It depends only on the Player. Some player(s) tend to play nice and not hot headed.
  4. Ohw. Thanks. by the way, What Mobs actualy Drops Sprint Set?
  5. Bash23

    Mad Hatter

    Yey. How easy. the guy only asked for angel wings ^^
  6. What does this Quest Do anyway.. A new Dungeon Map Access or some sort?
  7. Hey. I have 50 Gold Coins Who want's to buy them ^^, Just pm me here or In game. I'm Always Online. IGN: Berubu/Doofy
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