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  1. Wowowowow. You don't even remember me? You make me QQ. Sheesh.

  2. I might create a character just for this. I have an ingenious idea.
  3. It was cooler when there was no duping!

  4. Nab. It was cool before the wipe. ._.

  5. "It's like the wipe.. People decided to dupe to get items, we had to stop this happening, so we wiped. It's due to a ceartin minortity of greedy selfish players that cause problems that mean the rest of you have to suffer."

  6. Holy schnoz, remember poor old End? :o

  7. If you need vit, then grimtooth. If you don't really need a lot of vit, then bazerald. And as stated above, GTB is the best card for shields. (Don't really need a thara frog if you got sight and some SKs; just acid terror the crap out of melee and they get frozen, then AD.)
  8. Oh lawd End is back. Yeah, I'm back. Well at least to the forums so far. I'll probably start coming back in game tomorrow. I know, I swore I wouldn't come back after the events in August, but I've been so depressed lately thinking about the old memories I had. I really hope I can meet up with some of my old friends. I know some of you I have recently spoken to already. The others, I really wish to see some friendly faces in game. God, I already feel so relieved coming back. I know, that this is really nerdy, but this server and the people I've made friends with on here have impacted my real world life greatly. So yeah, if you know me and are reading this, message me over the forums and tell me what's up. Hope to see you all in game.
  9. Everyone lines up. A GM goes down the line casting Abracadabra on each player. If it's offensive, your out. If it's not, then you stay in. You repeat this process until one player is remaining.
  10. aznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyaznguyazng

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