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  1. Koxy

    Leveling Guide

    Same to me Vio, im just make my merc do the job killing the bow guardian.
  2. Koxy

    Summer Fishing Event

    ive tried several time, its really2 lagg when the fish took the bait.
  3. Koxy

    Bug in Conquest Still Happening, can heal the stone?

    Recent update maybe the cause the bug happen again, no need to angry. Marc will investigate it & fix later.
  4. Koxy

    B> Helm Of Darkness

    B/T> HOD = Zeny/Mvp/40 PH Coins
  5. Koxy

    It's Captain America's birthday today!

    Lol Kat, u just post to wish birthday to Steve Rogers. Please comeback, i miss your comet & SD.
  6. Koxy

    Pro Hunter (Intelligence Exam)

    Which examiner do u need to get pass?
  7. Koxy

    Kazalus' Guide to Sorcery!

    Thanks for the guide
  8. Koxy

    Major Client Update

    how to access VIP storage when im a VIP?
  9. Koxy

    Major Client Update

    About this, im certainly sure im one of the storage & gstorage more than 500, where its goes? its on all the character?
  10. Koxy

    Acid Demo

    Have u try with deviling card user?
  11. Koxy

    Updates & Fixes

    u can try manual ping with command too. mybe your connection not stable & best option is complain to our internet service provider.
  12. Koxy

    Althea Renovation

    Since ur new,i'll tell u this. This is not new actually since everyone already knew.u cant compare with mich obviously. he got all sort of all powerful item & all kinds of gods item. Good skill & nets make his spam unbelieveble. Others already try with their mecha, cant compare with his dmg. Heck, he plays all sorts of job and get OP. In the end, slight nerf of that axe & buff of rebel its depends on gm team. atleast make u happy.
  13. Koxy

    Bug At OldGlastHiem (OGH)

    Happen to me 2 times tho.
  14. Koxy

    Bald Hair style pls

    are u getting bald dude?
  15. Well ive no issue with current guild bout transferring leader power or collecting loot from guild castle.