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  1. Koxy

    King Poring Card

    Its good find. To me its not wrong to get reward as marc said before to reward anyone report any bugs or abuser. Rather just keep it ourself, its better to make good balance enviroment overall.
  2. Great guide bro. Well done,easier to understand.
  3. Koxy

    Items not working

    Ive tested it with my rk, its doing fine. With geffen robe i can cast refresh while mobs atk me. And w8 for 2 min to cast another. Mybe u can post your video here to show to us?
  4. Use erendee card. Pneuma! And randel card for autoguard! In woe, u not go YOLO kill all by yourself. Its bout guild vs guild involve many player. If cant 1vs1 with just retreat and come with your team. Spiral pierce cell range already close enough unlike AD u can cast more farther than spiral even both of them are Long range.
  5. That decision is gm team decide that idk why. Mybe its because AD deadly than spiral af and can make our all our eq breakable or whatsoever. This is 1st time im hear such ridiculus suggestion but u are in right section yeah. There's always a way to get away from that unmoveable state like said.
  6. Lame? How so? That skill dmg easily counter so u want make rk completely dead? Unreasonable, so -1.
  7. Koxy

    Items not working

    I want to ask bout this, while cast this rune are u being attack by mob/player? To avoid this situation my advice, just use Geffen Robe because this skill CAN be interrupt by mob/players. If your mean is, u get interrupted while casting and its fail and try to re-cast it u need to wait 2 min to get the refresh then its true its problem and bugged. By : Active Runeknight?
  8. Well Vio, these tactic people using as long as i know. Of course its irritating me when they can escape like that (before in woe, they using WOE scroll to warp back to the core) that more stupid obviously, now they just alt+f4. xD if its there tactic, its call "Coward Tactic". For BG, i think its come along from the beginning. Just let see how GM gonna said bout it.
  9. i should rebuild my sorc then lol
  10. Koxy

    Leveling Guide

    Same to me Vio, im just make my merc do the job killing the bow guardian.
  11. Koxy

    Summer Fishing Event

    ive tried several time, its really2 lagg when the fish took the bait.
  12. Recent update maybe the cause the bug happen again, no need to angry. Marc will investigate it & fix later.
  13. Koxy

    B> Helm Of Darkness

    B/T> HOD = Zeny/Mvp/40 PH Coins
  14. Lol Kat, u just post to wish birthday to Steve Rogers. Please comeback, i miss your comet & SD.
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