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  1. The server's like dead. (back after like 1 1/2 years?) xD Anyways hi guys. :)

  2. I have the same problem like the others, I can log in with my other account in game but I tried logging in my main account. I tried logging in. It says that it I entered the wrong pass/user, but I really did typed it correctly. Then a few tries later Then suddenly, the game closes. Help
  3. 1. I can't attack a Ninja through magic, even with GRB. I tried my sorc, it's AoE skills doesn't hit the Ninjas. And also the Crimson Fire Blossom, too OP, like 999999. 2. Cart Boost of Mechanic (not sure with genetic), I'm not sure if it's working, because I used the skill with my Mechanic, it still walks slowly. 3. Triangle Shot of Shadow Chasers are so.. OP O_o it's very spammable. (Not sure if someone has reported this) 4. Arrow Storm's cast delay is soooooo slow. 5. Ignition break's available for spear-users (Rune Knight) 6. Ventus's not working. (Sorcerers) Not sure if the others are really part of the update or if someone already reported these.
  4. Ohhh, Ok ok. Ohhh, Ok ok.
  5. This one's a riddle? right?
  6. +1 on Both. Nice Solex .gg
  7. I tried using the DBC thru Cooking. It worked on me. I think it also works on the Gopinich Detale Drops.
  8. Oooooh Ok thanks for the replies! I'll try them all.
  9. Hmmm maybe, but I didn't see any notice. >.< I'll try to download again.
  10. miyoko510


    Yesterday morning, I turned on our Laptop, then clicked on the GatheringRO Folder. I clicked the patcher then *poof!* it disappeared O.O. I checked my Recycle Bin and the whole folder, the patcher's not there. Can someone help? :'(
  11. I prefer using sprint set in armor, acce and shoes. Not only because they increase the heal, but also reduces skill delay and adds little hp. I don't use Dopple for high aspd. My agi is 120 and I use ceromain, BOD +10, Thorn Shield and Bison Horn combo for 193 aspd. But Nice Guide though. +1 ^^
  12. Question, Can bubblegum increase the drop rate of the gems? Thanks in adv! Pls reply!
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