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  1. we shuld constantly update the tutorial section directiory... since a lot of people keep on making guides
  2. it seems like evryone wants to get this done since your guide looks really good at first glance, i hope u wont be busy enough to finish it soon
  3. uhm... objection to those cards upstairs... do they work with critical, bcuz my sniper is 100 percent crit...
  4. just do quests and sell your items, once i encountered a person buying coupons
  5. can sumone provide a complete guide for the coordinates of chef's assistants? would really appreciate it!
  6. i dont think this is neccesary
  7. culd sumone provide a guide to wat these headgears do?
  8. i use +10 comp bow (2.7m lowest that i found) with paper, AS, and sindwinder card, the other stol saving it for suggestions... got ot lhz_dun03 for lvl 200+, u can only pick on WS, LK, sinX, Sniper, and HP, HP, u say has pneuma? no..... first walk up to her, stay beside her, say heloo, and whack away, she will think it is melee attack since it is soooo close therefore not casting pneuma.. ^^ just detect eremes.... cecil... uhm... may the one who draws his bow first win.... WS and LK just has to be kept away... charge arow or that platinum skil shuld work^^ take my advise P.S.: thou shall @jump when Katryn is seen... Beware her spamming jupitel thunders!! EDIT: cards up there, suck!! sry
  9. *murmurs to self* shade just got the inspiration to write that becuz i sed it earlier...
  10. psst! Chad! Ice_dun03 Mob: ice titan Item:frozen rose Ali: Frozen_Rose(pls corek) frozen rose sell for 35k? and with OC, 40+k?
  11. lim_benz


    wow! forgot abt that quest! thX!
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