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  1. Hangul

    Kazalus' Guide to Sorcery!

    Very nice guide! Also I wanna add, if you want to get a heck ton of Wind of Verdure you could always go to the gRO tool shop with a blacksmith/mechanic and buy from there :D
  2. Hangul

    Healing staff[2]

    Yep I think that's what he was referring to. The unslotted version drops from Anubis and you slot it at mid_camp with Bradiums and zeny.
  3. You missed my point. Getting soul burned/BL, for example, while on Fury won't make you regen mana and you have to sit. You are already vulnerable and may as well be dead by the time you get to regen sp. I meant for FO to be another skill besides the normal sura combo as a dmg source.
  4. +1 to everything in this list except these sura changes. I agree sura is broken as it is now. You don't need to do anything with power absorb. Suras don't even have natural sp regen because of Fury. You only gain like a minimum of 100sp and that's when you sit via Spirits Recovery passive. I also don't see the use of adding FO cooldown since it's the only alternative (ranged) dmg source aside from using Gate of Hell. But GoH dmg is sh*t. Sura skills revolve around using spheres to dish out huge dmg. Why give Zen a fixed cd of 1 second? You're making sura a dumbed down class if you do this. Besides, 1s is enough to get frozen/CCed/BLed/crystallized to death. As for the original topic, why not just consider making TC forced neutral?(lel I'm just sick of seeing freeze-wind element tc doing 500k+ dmg) Sorry if I sound like I hate the op but yeah it doesn't really make sense. More power to the server with making the right changes.
  5. Hangul

    Glorious Morning Star

    Are you sure of this? Tested mine and works fine. All I know of +30 Flee is Asprika
  6. This new falling sakura petals costume is cool and all. I wish I had 12 of them for each of my chars. /slur

  7. Hangul

    Land Protector

    Skills used: Psychic Wave, Earth Grave, Storm Gust First off, for Psychic Wave and Earth Grave, when you target inside the LP, the skills will not deal damage. Next off is when you target them outside LP and your character happens to be INSIDE the AOE for said skills, they will deal damage.(see attached psywavecast/hit images and earthgravecast/hit images) For Storm Gust, if cast OUTSIDE of LP and your character is INSIDE the AOE for Storm Gust, SG will not deal damage.(see attached stormgustoutsidecast/nohit images) And finally, if you cast SG inside or outside LP, and your character happens to be at the very edge of LP, SG will deal damage.(see attached stormgustcast/hit images) May try to include other skills but as of now these are the ones I got.
  8. All these new sprites yet I have no money. S>Kidney=pm offer

    1. Hurt Locker

      Hurt Locker

      Hi interested buyer here. is it clean? right or left one or both? kindly contact me thankies

  9. Hangul

    Riddle Event

    4 stars Let x=moon y=star z=sun 1st scale: x+2y=5z We can say that x=5z-2y and substitute that to the 2nd scale which would give us 2z+2y=2(5z-2y) The result would give us 6y=8z Now for the 3rd scale, we substitute x from the 1st scale so we get 8z-2y=?? Since 8z=6y, we get 4y ergo, 4 stars.
  10. Been experiencing some lag spikes recently. Anyone else having the same issue? :(

    1. Everade


      I've experienced it yesterday as well, it looked like our server hoster had some internet quality issues for a short time period.
      The server itself had no performance issues.

  11. You can use Land Protector or Ganbantein outside an entrance to a castle to prevent/remove skills such as Bloody Lust and Manhole from even being casted though I'm not one to talk. Peace out
  12. Is it just me or is the blessed ore refine npc not working? xD

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    2. Hangul


      yeah turning off security solved it for me :P

      @hersheys yes refine rates are still low with blessed ores which kinda sux :<

    3. Koxy


      Plus its not tradable. thats more sad D:

    4. Hersheys


      Ohh? Blessed Ores aren't tradable anymore?

  13. Hangul

    Noah's Guide To: How To Use an Ascended Salvage Tool

    Viewing the item script for the Salvage Tool, I found this. ID 61500 being Emperium Fragment and ID 61639 being Cosmic Powder. The other numbers are references for Emperium weapons/armor. So I guess anything you salvage, you get a random of 15-35 Emp fragments and 1-3 Cosmic Powders. Though I can't confirm since I don't want to waste tokens and fragments. Hope this helps.
  14. So I just logged on to the new server before it was implemented and I saw old Aura guild lol