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  1. Psh you know you are <3

  2. As always youre the bestest d(^-^)b

  3. Lol, wow having someone impersinate me lol

  4. Lexi could you do me an awsome favor plox? Could you make sure no one is running around using my Char names...oh and its gay when you can see the IP of someone trying to log into your account and no one will ban it....i dont use yahoo for my email and I dont live in the Phillipines T-T

  5. Hey Lexi...did you see that fool copying my forum pic and trying to get my account info? And I know exactly who it is, did an IP trace and found what cafe shop she/he is doing it all from

  6. there is a topic on how to change your sprites in the guides section

  7. so how have you been...im sorry i havent talked to you as much as ive wanted and prolly should...you arent mad at me are you?

  8. dont worry, M S L is a big noob and he thinks hes tough shit...dont worry about what he says

  9. *sigh* you even took me off your list....I'm so sorry....

  10. Well because you arent going to stalk me so I might as well stalk you...if you dont want me to I wont Q-Q

  11. I said I lub joo...then I said, nah I'm just playing lol

  12. Aw...i Didnt want to sound mean...here I even saved you a piece ^^

  13. te quiero <3

    nah solo estoy jugando =P

  14. I miss joo dante

  15. >> fine no b-day cake for you

  16. can i be your new stalker?

  17. your pokage may eb strong...bt mine is stronger...BANPOKE

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