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  1. Right now, it is not possible to copy and save the skill Flying Skill using REPRODUCE. I think that this skill should be added on the copiable skills since it's in the list https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/db/skill_copyable_db.txt
  2. raphaelluigi

    Emperium Breaker Test

    It needs to be in a guild to be able to hit it.
  3. Sometimes when doing a Daily Quest, 2 or more players will have the same quest and will be waiting to kill an MVP. What happens then is that only 1 player will have the opportunity to finish the quest and others will have to wait an hour or depending on the MVP's respawn time. I am suggesting to share the MVP kill among a party so that everyone can finish their MVP kill quest.
  4. Let the Rogue class wear these set since some people were using rogue magic type when playing.
  5. raphaelluigi

    New Instances

    Very nice updates!!! Ok I'm back to my old love which is gRO 😘
  6. raphaelluigi

    Autum Angel Doodles

    Hmm nice art 😘
  7. PM: GoldBaby, Phinehas Gabranth, Flying Dutchman
  8. raphaelluigi

    Anniversary & Valentine's Event

    Bjay you mean
  9. raphaelluigi

    Respawn time of element crystals

    it's 60-90mins and not 30,
  10. raphaelluigi

    Counterspell Crystal drop rate

    The drop rate for counterspell crystal has been changed for the last hour and it's not giving crystal like the way it used to be.
  11. raphaelluigi

    Anniversary & Valentine's Event

    when is the event (e.g. increase refinement) ends?
  12. raphaelluigi

    February Patch

    FINALLY!!!!! I will not be playing 1am-3am during woe 2
  13. Cite an example please
  14. raphaelluigi

    Temporal Boots

    atk speed is....... fucked up XD
  15. raphaelluigi

    Count to 1 Million!