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  1. good day. i was checking all of my characters friends list and noticed that i have been missing one of my accounts. can you please help me. i'll give all the details pls pm me. thanks.
  2. macadamia


    dragon breath is not working? thought my keyboard is broken but tried diff class same key, it is working.
  3. wtf! i cant even login with every character i have! it says here hte exception unknown software exception (0xc000049) occured in the application at location 0x004f2c52. ive been playing here since 2011. whyd it appear now? this is really bullshit this sucks! i have been playing with no errors and stuff and now this happened. i was able to login at first and got disconnected. if you dont fix it now, you will lose at lot of players and this server will be dead. oh dont worry, i will leave a comment about this on ratemyserver and show how this server is progressing.
  4. macadamia

    More Fixes

    and the grb also.. still not working
  5. u can also use gentle breeze guitar/oriental lute[thana/tgen or inca/tgen/ws] for weapon and bg set.. and 2 expert rings
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