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  1. Hey guys. How many people are around GatheringRO still? Is there atleast minimum WoE with 2 guilds?
  2. RK Neves

    New Instances

    Errende triggers quite easily. It's strange that you quoted a part of what I said while not even regarding it, because in PvP no one cares that much about what happens, as in hell box and etc. It's still fun and important to some people, but WoE is where it's at because it's where you're actually rewarded. And like I said, since there's no knockback in WoE, RK suffers from that. We can't deny ANY of this. It's delusional. The only skill you mentioned which is an actual threat WHEN FACING AN OPPONENT WITH WOE GEAR is Ignition Break. Wind Cutter has low damage. DB and Spiral, which consist of the main offensive skills for RK, are easily crippled by the cheapest, and most abundant of defenses. Long physical range. Remember Horn card? I do.
  3. RK Neves

    New Instances

    Did you read what I said? It's like going to an icecream shop PURPOSELY for eating strawberry icecream when you don't like the others. And the employee says: Oh, but you can have mint icecream. Don't I know myself I DON'T WANT OR LIKE mint icecream? Instead of icecream i'll go for waffles, I get it. And vio, one simple pneuma from errende disables a rune knight for a considerable amount of time for a good time. And if it's WoE, even worse because there's no knockback.
  4. RK Neves

    New Instances

    I never saw that happening. Every class has a way to exit those situations. Funny how ranger's 193 aspd doesn't bother anyone, with their free 20k+ warg strikes. The spiral pierce damage is low.
  5. RK Neves

    New Instances

    But the thing is, WHY would I want to try other builds? I like my classical build and playstyle, others don't, since they've pretty much all moved to spear. Slight changes that had an impact on an already endangered ability. But oh well, I'll keep getting killed by the insane genetic spam and doram overtuned CC.
  6. RK Neves

    New Instances

    THIS was the topic I was looking for. Marc, who decided to work on the Rune Knight nerfs? I know this may sound biased, but RK requires some actual gear to make damage. Rune Knight never needed any boost on Spear, and of course, now all I see is Spear RKs. Vellum Spear gives a very cheap boost to Hundred Spear as it is. Long-range physical damage is the easiest to get and most abundant. Why would Spiral get nerfed? Also, even with a tao, I do around 70k. Without a tao, DB is pretty bad most of the time. I might agree with the DB, but Spiral nerfs? More than unneeded.
  7. Id really like to know why a skill that was already good (Hundred Spear) that could receive a ridiculous boost from a cheap item (Vellum Spear) got overtuned, while, of course, the easiest damage type skill (Long-ranged physical) Spiral Pierce got nerfed.

    I REALLY don't understand this.

  8. Since there is no advantage in having better speed than your opponents in these two modes, I think it's more than appropriate that Sura should have the skill enabled on this map, being the only class restricted to participate in the BG because of this. Note that for anyone who thinks this is unfair, if so, then we should remove Warg Rider, Gryphons, Rune Knight Dragons, Sorcerer's Ventus, GX's cloaking exceed and Increase AGI. Even if your opponent runs, he will not be winning, since there is no combat, no points will be acquired by either side.
  9. "Forgive them, for they do not know what they do."

    Try harders that kill your paper characters... Hahahaha.

  10. It's because of stuff like this I really wish you get more than just this problem. Lol
  11. There is a thing called ANALOGY. It is where you compare two things, with similar points, it is not straying. Im the one trolling? Jesus could you be less self-aware, if it's an example of a penalty why did you even post it? You're supposed to have your idea pre-planned before making a topic. Also, since your reading comprehension seems to fail constantly, 25k+. Now, a + means a higher number than the one stated. This symbol > + < is used in math. For example (You really want me to go this stupid, you are forcing me) in math a 7+7 equals 14. Why? Because + adds a number. Got it? So what you are saying, is that if there's alternatives to a problem, we should just ignore them? Very wise.
  12. All im saying is: Emperium Set. PvE's difficulty is a joke. Let the set only work in pvp and WoE, of course, BG too. -1.
  13. Yeah, we know. Some of us know better than themselves. Anyway, +1 to this.
  14. You're actually more thick than I imagined, anyway, yes, mistakes are valid, because so is learning. You didn't even make any sort of statement about what I said. Do you even think a 10% penalty of SP will change ANYTHING at all? Get this, we're not talking about Sura where HP and SP percentages modify damage. Even Arch Bishop have ancillas, do you actually think everyone will have a little bow, sword or spear to remove SP? Good scenario, but like I said, on real WoE it doesn't work. You say my mistake is invalid, yet you don't even WoE?? I know I shouldn't be doing this, but you really get to my nerves, you are a TROLL. Repeat. A. TROLL. No one's willing to listen what you have to say because of your toxic behaviour, complaining about a one minute error? Are you serious? Im not even gonna log on my Warlock to tell you the strongest skill doesn't even need 500 SP to be cast. Even my gearless Warlock has roughly 25k+ SP. I refered to Soul Expansion because it is the main reason someone would want to get a Gioia Card or a Naght Seiger, and it's pointless to use a GTB when you could use a MAYA to counter that. Of course, we're not talking only Warlock like you said, but compare Warlock x Sorcerer and you'll (hopefully...) get what I mean. I wouldn't wear a GTB for TWO reasons. First, 75% is really high. I have a warlock, I have seen people and I have used the items myself, out of 10 magic skills, 7 or 8 will affect you. Second, why would I wear a GTB when I know all the magic casters will use GRB? I told you the state of how things are. GTB is bad because you can't get heal or buffs, and they really can help you when you struggle. If YOU want to equip a GTB and get hit pretty much 80% of the time and die, do it! I will have my Maya ready and my Bishops even closer.
  15. I made a mistake, but still a valid mistake. Imagine you want to protect yourself from Soul Expansion. How would you do it? GR is suicide, since Ghost amplifies damage received by Ghost. It's like putting on dynamite to protect yourself from C4. I don't think that specific penalty is good. SP when not taken off by cards or skills e.g: Bloodlust is fairly easy to get back. Ecilepsis, or Soul Change from Sorcerers. So in a way, your penalty isn't the one I would support. A % reduction on chance to bypass GTB, now we're talking.
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