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  1. nawh good on ya :3

  2. O_O. ninjaa? dude ive been working on real life man D< I HAS A DATES WITH A CUTE MANAGER ROAOROAOOR D<

  3. She is so ninja. >;o


  4. sabby you mole Q_Q

  5. You know that means you go on my page and can't even say hi -_-" I feel so unloved *goes and crys in a corner*

  6. Aww we haven't meet ingame yet T_T

    And maybe I also understand the reason why you're quitting gRO.

    Well good luck always and I'm also always miss your writings <3

  7. Have fun in your new server

  8. Cool, you're from Malaysia. Umm, HI! Haha!

  9. kekekeke,I should post one like that in response to your picture. =D

  10. DAUUUARRRRGH *Slap slap* =.=

  11. oh Sabrina I just noticed something. You know that V sign you have? I remember someone doing the tongue thingy between the fingers and it means something else. /gg

  12. o.O

    at least ur not doing the "lala" pose.. xP

    Newayz, i'm out of gRO.. but u still got my number, so i'll be waiting till we go out again. =)

    Have fun, and don forget DreamezZ and SparKz/Shufflez

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