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  1. UWW UWWWW me tooooo~ <3 No rush <3
  2. Sure sure! ^___^ You can go ahead and make a sprite for me: http://ro-character-simulator.ratemyserver.net/## I also saw it in your gallery so I'll go ahead and use that as a guide but just to make sure, You can go ahead and include the following: -hcolor # -hstyle # -ccolor # -anything else you think can help me draw it more specifically And then PM it to me! ^o^
  3. Count me in sir! I think this is the perfect opportunity to test my 2D drawings skills and game art. I'm ready to take on this challenge anytime!
  4. Awweeeee thank youuuu!! I could say the same to you <3
  5. Nope D: All we can do is wait patiently. My sig making is on the line!! Lol!
  6. Yup, still. I check it everyday so I'll keep everyone updated if it's working or not
  7. My inspiration? This guy right here!
  8. zOMG! Mirri commented on my stuff!!! <333 :3333333 Thank youuuuu! You're one of my inspirations here :3 <3 I'm actually starting to draw more so that I can be a contributor here on gRO as well. Someday, someday. More power to artists!!
  9. Thanks for the support guys ^^ Nothing better than a push by inspirational words!<3
  10. You definitely will! ^___^ These are very basic, so no doubt that you will be able to make these ^^ Probably more than I did lol! Good luck btw!
  11. I see, I see. Sounds good! Thank you ^^
  12. I already contacted staff, but I'll post it here anyways. It's pretty much the same message. I (and multiple people) tried to save our signatures, but this comes out every time: Anything we attach (with images) show the same errors all the time. Our sigs are also the correct sizes and format. We've also tried just simply saving what we already previously had, just to know if it might be the images we're attaching, but it still shows an error. Is it the forums itself?? Thank you for your time! I hope the information I've provided helped to explain the problem.
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