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  1. You Made an Awsome Job while staying as GM anyways =D

  2. Congrats in being a GM =D

  3. Ur staying as a GM? =D

  4. Good Luck to wherever you go Steph =D


  6. I hope you get unbanned. Well, Then let´s just stick to the other 3 daggers
  7. Nice Guide Nico. It helps to know some strategies to fight VS all classes @Cai: MY build+Garm=Rape Just Kidding @Guide: Also more luk would help a lot for the freezing time, since it´s really a Pain in the ass to fight an SB who unfreezes fast and while you are frozen he can venom dust you and wait 3-5 secs until your unfreeze time it´s almost done, so it would REALLY be a pain, i suggest a lil bit more luk.
  8. I was thinking of also adding a coma dagger, besides the Full Damadge,High Vit, and Low Vit one. But then i though those where more than enough.
  9. That was an unfair ban man D: For how much time is it?

  10. Crawling-Linking Park Remember The Name-Fort Minor
  11. Woot sup supa gangstah man xD

  12. Shit, your Account is back, im blocking it forever!

  13. Thanks for defending me =D anyways a dumbshit like him is too idiot to say anything else xD

  14. Hope you come back soon =D

  15. You...it´s you.......that dude...........why.........am i.........talking........like this?


  16. Rofl owned, they already know who u are /troop =D

  17. Dam it Cai, i had to go off >_________>

    But i promise next time we fight >:D

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