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  1. It says 3962 Donations left
  2. Where is the love T_T

  3. you're not going to get one of those !

  4. Pffft that's not a kiss!

  5. It was only a seasonal hat, so i dare say the npc's where removed so you cant make it
  6. Noooo I want her !


  7. #6 you cannot use both autoloot and autolootitem together anymore
  8. I used to use both commands before, usually something that dropped 100% and didnt want to grab everything to ali it, and then 10% for cards and maybe other stuff I wanted. Now they seem to cancel eachother out =/ no matter what way i've typed them in.
  9. I dont mind you stalking =*

  10. O_< I am subconsciously stalking yooou..

  11. Tonic

    Your Game Consoles

    N64 Game Cube Wii Playstation Playstation 2 Playstation 3 Xbox Dreamcast Nintendo DS - Pink slimline version, ofcourse used to have NES and SNES and Atari, Sega Saturn, Game Gear, oh oh and GBA
  12. oh ok hehe.

  13. its a saying lol

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