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    Luxury & Pimp Hat Quest

    Luxury Hat & Pimp Hat Quest Note: There was an outdated version, pretty much upped the anti and updated this one instead of deleting all of Toad's hard work. Gear Requirements: You must be Female if you want the Luxury Hat Must be a Male if you want the Pimp Hat To make one you will need: 50 Old Papers 50 Crushed Cans 50 Vita500 Lids Note: You don't have to talk to the Volunteers at the start of the quest, you can always do it at the end i find it better, but if you prefer talking first then I don't mind ^^ The trash only drops in Althea, gRO's Capital City! (Every full hour, there's a 40% chance that the announcement and item drops will trigger) When you see this announcement message: Let's do our part in cleaning the environment. Pick up the trash that you will see around your surroundings. It means its time that the trash (Crushed Cans & Old Papers) drop around Althea, as marked on the map below. They spawn randomly, however only within the marked, red area. After you've collected enough of that trash, you will also need Coins to buy Vita500's from the Vending Machine. Where do Coins come from? Kill Goldrings at alt_fild03, they drop them. Remember to have @aloot rate 100 activated, because they drop valuable Gold too! Once you've done all that make sure you drink the vita500's to get the lids from them. Now you can go and make your Luxuty Hat/Pimp Hat, at the Volunteers located at: althea 113 158 Now you're finished 🙂 Credits to: Toad.
  2. ich vermisse dich ❤️❤️ 

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    About 'The Sign' Quest.

    Tbh, its all in your connection to the server. I couldn't pass that part at all and had to get someone to do it for me with a quicker connection or maybe its cause I'm awful at quests.
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      When you have time, come online. :(

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      sure thing, after my exam on wednesday :)

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  5. working full time and full time post grad study :(

  6. hi cai <3

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      you've been gone for ages, i've been a gm since 2012!

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      so you people are still here O_O"

  7. tip of the day: GM's will always appear in the right side panel of your chatbox :)

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      i've been seen past few weeks :[ and super busy with work!!

      and you??

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      yeah the weathers been pretty horrible in sydney - hot and then rain, hope you're feeling better love! i got uni and urgh it's killing me T-T

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    Long Time No See...

    Hallo! Welcome back .
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    Are Skegs Circle Or Square?

    Tfw Everade has your back <3 <3
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    Post Your Pictures

    ^damn Patrick, back at it again with the emo mirror selfie LOL
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    I Warped To A Map, Now I Have Sprite Errors

    I've tried searching for your character name, but it seems to be invalid?
  13. happy new year!! hope you all got through NYE alive :)

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      happy new year gm. i got a message for you. hehe thanks

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      Happy New Year Lexaa, u sexy ass btch! <3

  14. Adventure Guild Guide Location: althea 121, 162 What is the Adventure Guild you may ask? - Well, if you're an Adventurer and want to be taken on quests to places in Midgard you've haven't been before, then the Adventure Guild is for you. (Psst, they're hiring!) There are 4 Quest Ranks: C, B, A & S Rank C - Monster Hunt Quest Rank B - Monster Taming Quest Rank A - Item Supply Quest Rank S - MVP Hunt Quest How do I move up Quest Ranking? - C, B & A have 5 quests each. There is only 1 rank S quest. - Upon finishing 5 Rank C quests, you will move on with Rank B Quests. So you will proceed with the Ranks as follows: Rank C-B-A-S-C-B-A Amount 5-5-5-1-5-5-5 What are my rewards for completing a quest? - You gain a Coupon according to the quest you've completed in the ranking you're in. (ex. Rank C Quest gives only C Coupon used for C Shop) However Rank S rewards you with 5x each Coupon C,B and A! - Each quest completed also rewards you with x amount of Zeny. - The further you get in Quest Ranking, the higher the rewards. The quests reset daily, so if you've gotten up to Rank B today, you'll have to start from Rank C tomorrow. Below is a guide to help you navigate your item/monster searching easier. *Please note that there are 3 kinds of difficulties per item request. An example for C Quest: Animal Skin x145 Easy difficulty Pearl x75 Medium difficulty Gulaman x5 Hard difficulty If you're lucky, the Hard Difficulty, may not even be that hard. If you're unlucky, you may receive a very hard quest, its 100% random. Guide to help you finding the item you're looking for. The best way to complete such quest is by using 3 different commands and/or utilizing our website database. For instance: @ii Pearl Result: Item: Pearl (722) Now go to our website database and search for the item ID 722 Result: https://www.gatheringro.ch/?module=item&action=view&id=722 or you may use the more accurate version: @whodrops 722 Result: Mastering (1090) MVP! Mistress (1059) Mistress of Shelter (1701) Now use @whereis 1701 Since Mastering and Mistress only have 1 spawn. Which will result in: Mistress of Shelter spawns in: tha_t11 (20) < amount of monsters that spawn on the map at the same time tha_t07 (7) tha_t08 (5) ... etc There's normally more than one monster with the same name. So its highly recommended to only use their monster ID's to search and make sure you get the correct one. If you ever get a search resulting in: This monster does not spawn normally. (which means it's either not spawning at all or being spawned during a script event such as an Event by itself, Quest or anything else. Since you can't find that out, go for a different monster instead). P.S. If you're curious of whats in the Quest Rank stores, you don't need coupons to view them Special thanks to: Everade ♥
  15. is home for the holidays :)

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    Exploring Althea

    The new main town for gRO. Exclusive and Original and exceptionally Pretty. Note: Just thought I'd make a guide, unless people wanna explore and somewhat learn the whereabouts of where each NPC is then go ahead and do so. XD Lets Start! I hope you all have your adventure caps on.. you are now entering Althea The NPC's in the Middle When you first warp into Althea (@go 0). You will see NPC's that surround the middle area. To the left, you will see the.. 1. Platinum Skills NPC, Job Changer, Baby Job Changer and Skills and Stats Resetter 2. Joey the Buffer, Warper NPC and Kafra To the right is.. 3. Guide, PVP/BG Warper, Healer and Mailbox *Note: the Guide also warps you around Althea. 4. Auction Brokers 5. South a bit is.. Event Prize NPC, Coupon Redemption, WoE & PvP Info Board, Castle Invitation Manager and Rental Services Other outside NPC's: 1. Vote Prize Redemption & Valkyrie Helm Assistant (althea 100 260) 2. Pancake House Lady (althea 109 257) 3. Vending Machine (althea 133 236) 4. Fruit Seller (althea 149 267) 5. Clean Up Althea Voluneteers (151 258) 6. Sign (155 289), that triggers The Sign Board Quest, which then leads you to.. The Traveling Merchant (145 118) 7. Strange Girl, you might see her on your way to the BM, grab her ass, and see what she says 8. Sign board, that is a private joke 9. God Seal Information Board 10. Perverted Board 11. Francisco, (104 178) has migrated from Prontera 12. WoE Flags! Althea Hotel, Dreamscape and Journey Dice The Hotel of Althea (188 178), that looks huge-as hell. Occupies of course the Inn Keeper, careful she might warp you somewhere in your sleep . (althea_in 61 138) The Dice Game (althea_in 234 106), now now don't lose your money too fast! The Salon and Dr. Hobo's Clinic The Dodgy Building (184 162), beware they like to jack your money and maybe a thief might *SHUUCK* you. In here you can change anything, even your private parts *seedy eyebrows* And the occupants are... *drums* The Stylist (althea_in 241 134), looking queer as ever, i might say. And the dodgy Dr. Hobo who looks seedy as F*** (althea_in 282 170) Who'll switch up your body parts for cheap, but be careful he has a chance of failing.. and pocketing your moneys.. Gathering Station, Black Market and Kafra Gift Shop. Your local vending area, which is marked out in yellow, possible that you can't see it cause the translucent yellow is an asshole. D< Gathering Station (228 213) im pretty sure you can walk there, for your everyday needs. & inside.. 1. Tool Dealer, sells everything 2. Equipment Seller, Rental Dealer, Weapon Seller and Vending Machine 3. Pet Food Seller, Identifier and Gathering Station Girl And next door to Gathering Station is.. yup you guessed it the Kafra Gift Shop! You have your usual Donate NPC's: Cards, Headgears and Usable Items You're probably wondering.. wheres the refiners and repairmen? WELL THEY'RE HERE! (althea 125 152) On the right side we have.. Fredoric (Rough Ori/Elu Refiner), Repairman (Repairs your weapons and armor obviously), Alham (Refines your items), Seiyablem (Adding Slots) And on the left we have the lone challenger.. next to the rubbish bags.. Fillipo (he sells Phracon and Emveretarcon) Downwards a bit and you'll see our friendly neighbour hood granny.. yup, thats the Uncarder, and ignore the boy, he's a wannabe weapon slotter. Church, the Local Bar and Dining Areas Althea's Church (92 131) Wedding Staff: alt_church 100 100, gay marriages ftw! And of course the Bishop/Pope or w/e he is will marry you, remember, there's gay marriages now, don't be scared. And for partying needs, head down to your local Pub or dining area outside! (178 236) Inside the pub, there's the Bartender and the sign that starts the Nobel Mask Quest Places around Althea: The Pond with Swans Prism House The Farm -Be careful the Pasturers like to escape and they might drop something nice~ - With a new addition, Cluckers, for Chicken Hat Guide The Theatre Dining Area (theres about 3) And of course the GM Castle. And that ends it, i think. *rubs head* I think i'm forgetting stuff, but oh well, this guide will be updated frequently, leave some feedback, thanks. =]
  17. Hello guys, I know a lot of you are returning and have forgotten your account info, please send me a PM so I can help. (my inbox is pretty busy atm, so please be patient.)

  18. hey guys, if you'd like to follow and know what i'm up to, feel free to add me on snapchat: liliewings. (no dickpics, sorry fam).

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  19. Hey, sorry about the delayed response! This is a known problem, so send me a PM with what went missing and i'll gladly replace them for you
  20. Me for the past few weeks working on things: http://tinyurl.com/mylifern

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