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  1. Are you still playing?

    1. Hersheys


      Inactive as of now ;p

    2. D e M o N

      D e M o N

      Inactive huh? Sounds like you got banned. xD

    3. Hersheys


      Lol I might as well be. Not much reason to be around with F4E gone :-(

  2. Hersheys

    Good Bye Thread

    Darn it, another good GM gone. I really liked you as a GM too. Well, you take care now. Bye, Ray!
  3. That is all lol XD *poof disappears*
  4. Hersheys

    Major Client Update

    Darn. I won't be able to do my dual client Asura AoE or Self-FCP in PvP anymore T_T Oh well, at least there's a new card and new item drops for the new WB.. hmmm the card isn't on the website database yet though XD
  5. Hersheys

    Ribbon [1] Bug - Can't Equip

    It can only be equipped if you're cute enough
  6. Hersheys

    about costume full moon

    Sssshhhhhh. Kidding lol XD
  7. Hersheys

    Easter Event 2018

    Event egg? From Carlos the almighty? XD
  8. Hersheys


    game armors XD
  9. Hersheys

    Equipment Switch Suggestion♥

    Omg I know how that feels.. although you have it worse XD I have to relog between my Ranger and my Mado ever so often that sometimes I miss a clash and come in when either it's already done or with my guildmates already dead Although that's more to do with not being able to dual than with switching skills bars
  10. Hersheys

    Updates & Fixes

    Someone asked if the Gentle Heart + Hurt Mind Combo has the abandoned doll possession autocast now
  11. Hersheys

    Equipment Switch Suggestion♥

    Imagine when the 4th Classes come in XD For the meantime, how I personally remedy that is to create multiple characters of the same class. I have like 3 Rangers on one account. Similar name and dyes too This way you can just @storage whichever equips you need between those chars, while each char might have different stats and skillbars Waiting for a new function might just take too long You going to need a premium account if you've taken up all of the char slots though
  12. Hersheys

    Updates & Fixes

    Oh! Hahahahaha! That happens to me sometimes too when I wake up and thought it was a different day.. a lot
  13. Hersheys

    Updates & Fixes

    Would have been great if this was done before WoE Oh well
  14. Hersheys

    Anniversary EVENT!!

    What are you talking about?