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  1. Ondii Oohhh... ahaha. Aku sempet log in... tp iseng2 aja... Ketemu Ivan...
  2. Holaaa... anak2 F4ever masih disini ga ya? Gio?
  3. Ahahah just payin' a visit to the forums :) *hugs*

  4. @Jul Enak ajaaa Sibuk siapin mau for good. Btw job 3 udah y? Musti d/l nich sblom balik indo... hadoooh >.<
  5. Yeh been busy ;) You're still around I see. Ahaha. I might come back after exams...

  6. @Jul Ga bisaaaa Ahahah canda... lg mau ujian bentar lagi. Definitely not the time bwat maen RO. Ahahah.
  7. err hi :) Nothing much...

  8. Yeh you will see me around. Probably during easter break. Ahahah. Do you still WOE though?

  9. Awh... Hmm I might have lost you in my contacts. Pm me the add? <3

  10. Still around

    Visited a few times but didn't know what to do. Ahahah.

    Oh, and congrats on being promoted to a GM :) You're more active ingame now?

  11. D: I gave you my email add XD ahahaha. Yr still on my list but I never see you on.

  12. Sawwwkkk, do you have msn??

  13. Bennn! When are you ever on MSN? :( Do you still log in to gRO?

    Miss you too 3

  14. @Andre gyahahahaha iy nich... duh serem amat ama semester ini... hwahwahw
  15. @gio wwkwkwk gw msh dota koq... tp di room aussie aja >.< Huff... dah mulai uni hr senen jd ga bs maen sering2...
  16. Oh yay... a visit from chaddie <3 How've you been?

  17. lol kaga ngerti screenie na XD
  18. @Ondi kerennnn <3 gya, bs menang kyk na...
  19. Happy Valentine's day <3

  20. happy valentine's day nico :)

  21. @Jul Ga ada bagi2in coklat. Coklat > all. AHAHAHAH canda.
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