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  1. Prismaneko

    Newbieee :d

    Ah! Welcome to the server! ;u;/
  2. Perhaps an NPC that uses cards only to create headgears? I think, zeny is ..just no.
  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOL this is perf. wonderful. just. brilliant. love it.
  4. UCG Token that can be found when hunting.. hmm.. bronze goldrings?
  5. I read the description. But, I can't find the NPC. I found the token while hunting for goldrings.
  6. As a OS owner. I love this. This is a chance for so many players willing to try Ragnarok. I will totally suggest this. Only thing that bothers me a little are how homunculus get stuck. But I suppose this will get better every update!
  7. This is my art. The other gallery is MEGA old. So, enjoy much? ;u;7 if you want a drawing you can offer me a headgear.. i love those. *v* ders more here; http://prisma-neko.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/ yeaaaahhhhh! I am back since.. uh. A long time ago. ;u;7 wew!
  8. My gRO is not working. B'aw.

  9. i shall wait for that. * u* b
  10. nuuuuu. gimme something to draw nao. ;_; goddamn im bored.
  11. we can have an art trade anytime you want darlin' im always open to trades. c: can be a couple or any style you like.
  12. hai. i draw. a lot. during the past few years i've improved. And, well, yeah i haven't stopped drawing animals. But then again, i love drawing them. more than animals, i love drawing chibies. and sometimes backgrounds.... not really. i love pixeling too. But from that, i got no damn sample. here are some of my drawinngksmdwq. order goes from most recent to oldest. _________________________________________________________ uno dos tres cuatro cinco seis siete ocho nueve diez more to come later on! ( oh crap that made a rhyme. ) _________________________________________________ i love drawing RO characters. But i havent had a cool character since.. well. A lot. So im ofering up to draw some characters. Any. Just post a reference of that. I take around 2-3 hours to finish a chibi. if you offer up a headgear that would be awesome too. i would love to collect but, there's so many headgears to create that i don't even know where to start. Any critic is also welcome. c: and friends too..... LOL.
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