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  1. Dany

    Happy New Year :D

  2. Dany

    merry x.mas ^_^

  3. Well, here are some of my events I have used in the past, you can use them as basic event, I don't really mind. http://gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=11724 If you can't create them duo lack of anything, I can think of more.
  4. Haha, good work. It has become greater that it already was.
  5. Great great guide, I really like it, but just some suggestions. 1. It's kinda basic, just some words and pictures. 2. Try to use some colors instead. 3. Maybe a big title at the top of your post. 4. Use numbers to do this first and than then, for example, what I am doing now. It just has another reason. It just makes the guide more fun to read it.
  6. Well, I am back now and I have updated it a bit. Made an index, read the whole guide for some typo's and not english words. Still have to figure out what NPC's are removed and not. I will make another updated where I will explain how you go around in-game. Thanks for reading. To Fate: Let's keep it simple.
  7. Ah thanks, but where do they drop in rachel? Ill edit the guide as soon as I am at home.
  8. Hehe. I like # 666. Uber ownage 1337 haxorz map - uber_hax1337
  9. Thats not even the point of this guide. It's just to point out some basic information about every class, that newcomers will help to choose their class a bit better. Anyways, there are other guides that just point out everything about one class.
  10. Uuh, I am back again for about a week, can someone explain me about the rachel thing and the exact location (like I made the prontera one) where they drop?
  11. I LOVE that thing about Sasuke in your signature. xD

  12. Voda

    Welcome back :)

  13. Well done and a great job. Mine is outdated anyways.
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