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  1. Well, here are some of my events I have used in the past, you can use them as basic event, I don't really mind. http://gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=11724 If you can't create them duo lack of anything, I can think of more.
  2. Haha, good work. It has become greater that it already was.
  3. Great great guide, I really like it, but just some suggestions. 1. It's kinda basic, just some words and pictures. 2. Try to use some colors instead. 3. Maybe a big title at the top of your post. 4. Use numbers to do this first and than then, for example, what I am doing now. It just has another reason. It just makes the guide more fun to read it.
  4. Well, I am back now and I have updated it a bit. Made an index, read the whole guide for some typo's and not english words. Still have to figure out what NPC's are removed and not. I will make another updated where I will explain how you go around in-game. Thanks for reading. To Fate: Let's keep it simple.
  5. Ah thanks, but where do they drop in rachel? Ill edit the guide as soon as I am at home.
  6. Hehe. I like # 666. Uber ownage 1337 haxorz map - uber_hax1337
  7. Thats not even the point of this guide. It's just to point out some basic information about every class, that newcomers will help to choose their class a bit better. Anyways, there are other guides that just point out everything about one class.
  8. Uuh, I am back again for about a week, can someone explain me about the rachel thing and the exact location (like I made the prontera one) where they drop?
  9. Well done and a great job. Mine is outdated anyways.
  10. Yeah, that would be a nice suggestion to make and Nosferatu, its only a guide to all CLASS guides.
  11. Mine is not updated, I think this is a better way to show them, but its just plain text. People make so many guides every day, so I haven't updated it lately. Mine is so messy also.
  12. Crappy skill delay, useless skills and quaqmire effects yourself. Only get the flame lord. Also, if you get both, you do asura, which is useless.
  13. They did change, so, he just asked for an update. If you are busy with in real life things, it has no hury at all. Take your time.
  14. Link: Here. To the guide, its just plain test and hard to read. I would suggest you make it more colorfull and stuff.
  15. Alright alright and thanks. xD
  16. Thanks and good luck then.
  17. Would be a great idea. Ill add it.
  18. Only the brisingamen and the gentleman's pipe are an addition to a SUPPORT build. Maya purple is not really need, thats your own choice, you do have ruwach.
  19. Hmm, this might be a guide for a PVP sniper, but this is more to give you tips about what you should wear. I think you can combind your own equips, builds and status. Also, I don't connect status to equipment, since the equipment is always the same, by my part.
  20. Best priest equipment: Upper: Luxury Hat + Bacso Middle: Sunglasses[1] + Bacso Lower: Doesn't matter. Armor: Any armor + Sheltar Card (Every 18 str ups 1 int) Weapon: +10 Staff of Recovery (I can give you that for free, if you want) Garment: Doesn't really matter. (Prefer a Healing upping equip + card or int upping card, if you want more heal) Feet: Doesn't really matter. (Prefer a Healing upping equip + card or int upping card, if you want more heal) Acces: Int upping accessory with a cookie card. Acces: Int upping accessory with a cookie card. A skill you need: Also, the 32k heal is not the max you can heal. Thats only the maximum you can see, when healing a character. If you have a priest with these equipments, or even just a pimp hat or luxury hat, try to die and don't heal. Press alt + v and look to the numbers. Heal and you will see you will heal about 70k +. Just an addition to your guide. FULLY SUPPORT = No Kiel. You could prefer Kiel for support, thats your choice. Also, this is the ultimate heal build. Build = I use the word build not only your status, also your equips.
  21. - Added the Sniper Suit. - Added Tidal Shoes and Wool Scarf. - Well, ifrit set is good, but as I already said, don't use the resonance ring. Fire lord gives enough skills and that one is really usefull. - Typo in Violy Card??? Thanks chadwick for the help. It is a PVP sniper guide yes. Owh, forgot about those. I added them, thanks for that, fire dragon. Also, I already added sleipnir to the guide. About the ifrit set, look whats behind it. Another reason why you shouldn't get both of the ifrit set. 1. I know, I already eddited that part. I trapped for RiP myself. 2. What is it now? Damage or no Damage? 3. Could be, its just what you prefer.
  22. I know, but you need other status too. Typo... You really think I didn't know about that? The guy requested it. This is just a PVP sniper, chadwick is more something of everything. I was sleeping, right after I finished the guide.
  23. I was not really ready yet, but thanks for your imput. Ill change it right away.
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