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  1. symbio

    Cannon Spear not functioning correctly

    Information regarding cannon spear from irowiki: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Cannon_Spear Bresenham's line pattern implemented to RO: So, I think it will deal damages or not is depending on your position to the targets. Red cells will deal damage, while white cells wont deal any damages.
  2. symbio

    True Monster Cards Balancing

    thank you for giving some tests, and report it here. personally, I really appreciate it. but next time, kindly avoid using big-bold-uppercase fonts, because its often considered as yelling - not only for moderators or GM, but also for everyone who read it.
  3. symbio

    True Monster Cards Balancing

    say no more, +1 for @Gacha. As other *cough* private server, true cards often used on PvM environment.
  4. symbio

    Char delete

    @Everade already give explanation on this thread.
  5. symbio

    Inconsistent Menblatt Card Description/Script

    i believe its only works for ranged dmg, and its nerfed, so its bonus is for every 20 based DEX will increase ranged dmg 1% (max. bonus is 10%).
  6. symbio

    Official Ammo Equip Behaviour

    its also happen to me.. going berserk, then realized no arrows equipped. personally, I prefer past mechanism of switching ammo/arrows.
  7. symbio

    Happy New Year

    happy ew year guys. wishing you all the best of the holiday season and a profitable and happy 2019 and beyond.
  8. its already informed by GM, that identifier NPC is broken for now. use magnifier instead.
  9. symbio

    Major Client Update

    a bit curious, what is the effect(s) of the brand new King Poring card? tyvm.
  10. symbio

    Custom Wings Enhancement Possibilities

    Okay, got it! Tyvm.
  11. symbio

    Custom Wings Enhancement Possibilities

    Thank you for your explanation, Ray! This is exactly what I looking for. So, the refine level also affecting enhancement possibility?
  12. symbio

    Custom Wings Enhancement Possibilities

    For Spell enchant, I also got Spell 3. I cannot test further, because currently out of obsi.
  13. Hello, Does following enhancements is available for custom wings (emp wing and wing of seraph): Expert Archer, Fatal, and Fighting Spirit. If its available on enhancement, what is the max level for each of it? ps. I can confirm Spell is available on wings enhancement. tyvm.
  14. 13 hours online... well, why not. LOL.
  15. @Everade thank you for your brief explanations. ps. to all Pro Hunters out there, keep careful when entering instances and stay alive!