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  1. It It seems that old pets (or some of them) have no autofeed option. the autofeed function is not available to my Yoyo and Incubus. is this intended?
  2. Is it possible to implement a reset feature on HTF enchants? (Silvervine Fruit) None of the enchantments are gamebreaking: Thanks in advance.
  3. This is an existing issue with NPC dialogs since the last update due. You can reach out to @Everade here or in the discord server, I guess.
  4. No worries. It's quite an easy concept to miss since the game doesn't really explain/address it.
  5. The slotted is still better, because flat +MaxHP bonuses scales with your % +MaxHP bonuses. And yeah, probably. because the previous effect of unslotted Bryn was underwhelming. Edit: Mind you that flat + MaxHP is multiplied to your Job's HP multiplier and your % +MaxHP. So it's more than you think it is. Check out Dark Lord Helm.
  6. There was an update that buffed the non-slotted Bryn to its current effect.
  7. S/T> Temporal LUK Boots (Fatal4/Lucky Day) = TempLuk (Fatal4 or ExpertArcher4 / Hawkeye) PM here or in-game.
  8. IGN: Gale Windscar So I found this wonderful and peaceful fishing spot. But one day, I fell asleep while waiting for the fish to bite and I woke up with these family of dragons murdering me! No one messes with my fishing! (it's kinda creepy fishing beside a tomb but /meh)
  9. this is a different issue, I believe. characters are still on that delete trend.
  10. This is a known issue and they are currently working on a solution to fix it.
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