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  1. due to an update by kRO (client side, I believe - patch notes translation), auto-attacking has been disabled completely and there's no way to do it now no matter what ai you use.
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    IGN: Gale Windscar thank you in advance.
  3. ^ Yeah, I agree. it's fine if it works as intended, I don't think it needs any further balancing at this point. So just fixing that redundant script would do for now.
  4. No problem. And I'm not angry or anything. Was just clarifying coz I thought it was for me. Peace guys. on a side note: it's 25% and if the shield is +9 it's 50% so no wonder KP users are so hard to kill.
  5. Ah yes, I stand corrected. I misread the original post. RC_All includes players too. So yes, it's a double script. Good find.
  6. It's the right script. Every demi-human resist (rc_demihuman) has a corresponding rc_all script. This may be because, rc_demihuman affects monsters only. See Thara Frog Card or any demi-human resist gear. Misread the post.
  7. I think a longer time with less kill count is more attractive. Coz for example you need to go to WB or afk a bit, at least you can use it still when you come back. But yes, infinite entries for a specific time duration sounds good.
  8. Do you mean that, the number of crystals would stay the same at 20 but would eliminate the need for old picks? That's good too, I'm up for that. As for the duration 6/12 hours, I agree it's long - was just throwing a rough suggestion of a duration. But I think 30 minutes is too short. I'll let the Everade decide on the duration he deems appropriate, if ever it gets approved.
  9. Hi, I just want to suggest a slight change to Advanced Mining Pick. So as of now, it changes the amount of Crystals you can mine to 30 (From 20) until you logout. This is great and all, but I think it's kind of inefficient now that dual login is no longer allowed; meaning no more dedicated mining accounts/clients. Also the occasional disconnect is an issue to people who have shittier internet (like me) that are farther from where the server is. The suggestion I want to put up is that instead of the effect persisting until logout, have an expiry timer on advanced mining pick (just like Octopus Hunting Stick / Seagod's Protection) that you can enjoy the benefit until it expires. I reckon, a fixed short time (6 or 12 hours maybe) is better than having it until logout because many people tend to switch characters for different events (World Boss and Invasions, etc.) Edit: Also, if approved, they should also come in boxes so the timer only starts when you are gonna use it. Hoping for you consideration, thank you.
  10. I think, the reason that this is not implemented yet, is because there's no official releaste from rAthena yet. (list for reference) Unless, Everade would resort to a contributor's script like Sky Fortress. Hoping for the best.
  11. It does work like Raydric Card. But how are you saying it's a bug? I remember using it a while ago and it works just fine.
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