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  1. The cards in this dungeon are dropped by the solid and swift version of the mobs, and only the Antique Book and the Cenere have such version. http://ratemyserver.net/re_mob_db.php?mob_id=2897&small=1&back=1 http://ratemyserver.net/re_mob_db.php?mob_id=2874&small=1&back=1
  2. Same problem here. http://pastebin.com/2r1sTRMqerror log
  3. Okita

    Price Check?

    Soon we will also have the second class for gunslinger, Rebellion, wait for it.
  4. Okita

    Price Check?

    http://www.gatheringro.ch/index.php?module=item&action=index&item_id=&name=Egg&type=-1&equip_loc=-1&npc_buy_op=eq&npc_buy=&npc_sell_op=eq&npc_sell=&weight_op=eq&weight=&range_op=eq&range=&slots_op=eq&slots=&defense_op=eq&defense=&refineable=&for_sale=&custom=egg search
  5. Okita

    Price Check?

    FWM is a drop from werewolf. The quest for blank eyes is this one. http://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?showtopic=29185&hl=dating I'm not sure if you can slot these anymore.
  6. This will be updated as we keep finding new errors, etc. Skills: Ranger: Unlimited skill dmg is way too high. Adjusted Sura: Flash combo shows New Basic Skill rather than it's actual name. Fixed
  7. If you want to change anything then change berserk, which is the op thing about bloodlust, but then you want people who use berserk to regen sp while using it? that would be way too op and stupid, but hey, whatever keep complaining about something that is fine.
  8. Bloodlust works like official and it is balanced, i don't any problems with it, as it is supposed to be a skill for woe, to disable the enemy when they recall.
  9. "Draw a red circle on the ground. Target who steps on it will receive the Frenzy status effect. Must have a Paint Brush and consumes 2 Surface Paint" Target who steps on it will receive the Frenzy status effect. http://ratemyserver.net/skill_db.php?skid=2303&small=1&back=1 I hope this explains it all, you only have frenzy status when you're inside the bloodlust, when you go outside the effect is gone, or when bloodlust its gone, the hp/sp regen regain is cancelled is the same as when you use bersek and your hp reach 100, it will be disabled.
  10. Requires you to have a JobLV of at least 50. It triples your HP and replenishes them (to the now tripled maximum), doubles your Damage, increases your ASPD by 30%, increases your movement speed (does not stack with other increase except Peco Peco), gives the Endure effect at no further cost but halves your Flee Rate and sets ALL DEF AND MDEF to 0 for the skill's duration. It also drains 5% of your current HP every 15 seconds. You cannot chat (chat mute), change equips, use any healing items or receive any heals while this skill is in effect. You do not regain HP and SP naturally for 5 minutes after the skill ends (you can be healed or use items though). The Skill cancels out if your HP drops to 100 or below. Can be used during Guild Siege. ratemyserver http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?sk_name=Frenzy&page=skill_db&sk_search=Search
  11. Bloodlust is supposed to work like this when you use bersek your sp won't regen until you die, as sp recorvery is disabled.
  12. The dimik you're looking for is in jupe_core2, you can always use @whereis "mob name" to find in which map it is, if that doesn't solve it, try sitting next to another taekwon kid and spam /doridori.
  13. Map server is down, nothing to do with your game, you just have to wait for the server to go up to start plaing again c:
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