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  1. hadirrrr.. yaa kenapa ketua kampong?
  2. RM2

    12th Anniversary

    After Woe 1.0 on Saturday ?
  3. RM2

    Cannot enter pay_fild04 using portal

    After server crash, my char already can warp on @warp pay_fild04
  4. RM2

    WOE times

  5. I cant Buy Item on Vendor...help @,@

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    2. RM2


      ah i see. then need GM fix it ^^

    3. Hersheys


      Yeah Everade said if the vendors just relog and do @autotrade again then it would okay. But there's no solution for the buyer's side for now.

    4. RM2


      oh..thx for info by the way..

  6. mana mana? where r u mr gonza?
  7. RM2

    My +9 Woe Suit Are Not Working In Pvp Room

    Gonz, let me try wear it..
  8. RM2

    Count to 1 Million!

  9. RM2

    Count to 1 Million!

  10. Beli > miths .. letak harga kasih sayang..
  11. RM2

    Deleting Character

    when the box appear " please enter the deletion password " -> put the email registered on that ID.
  12. RM2

    Super Novice Cant Rent Cart

    able to rental push cart after Updates & Fixes may 1st 2015.