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  1. Storm Surge

    After Patching

    ok Gm Eve for ur quick resp ..
  2. Storm Surge

    After Patching

    the two problem stll appear b4 i can log in ..
  3. Storm Surge

    After Patching

    Gm Eve .. this one stll appearing .. but i can log in now ...
  4. Storm Surge

    After Patching

    crap shit ! .ahahaha
  5. Storm Surge

    After Patching

    ahahaha! .. abi nko ako ra nag ka error eng , aahahah
  6. Storm Surge

    After Patching

    damn this .. i want to play badly T_T
  7. Storm Surge

    After Patching

    this one Gm Eve ...
  8. Storm Surge

    After Patching

    xme here too .. that wll appear after done patching ,, zzzz
  9. Storm Surge

    Buffs Or Nerf?

    go kat ! hehe xMe eR not all mecha focus on SD .. and make mecha other skill worth to use it has a fvckng low damge ! i hate SD type .. haha! make mecha more interesting man ! ... peace
  10. Storm Surge

    How Can The Pile Bunker [1] Be Obtained?

    bump ! any gm ?
  11. ohh i see ? its so hard to get one .. zZz and so daRn hard to get a PB[1] . hahaha!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. LKshaye


      from what i remember before only 4 or 6 ppl have that item. same goes for gelerdria[2] +10

      , tho old boxes died.

    3. raphaelluigi


      @Hersheys, it contains gRO tokens now

    4. Hersheys


      Oh no! That was the only way to get it o_o

  12. Pile Bunker T[1], Pile Bunker S[1] where ? zzZ

    1. Hersheys


      I think that's in Beastboy's box

  13. please once again HOH @ the vote shop ^_ .. its almost 6-7months last HOH avial at vshop T_T ..

    1. Storm Surge

      Storm Surge

      thanks advnce Gm Abril ^_^ . hekehek ;D

    2. Storm Surge

      Storm Surge

      or a small devils horn @ vshop T_T ..

    3. Hurt Locker

      Hurt Locker

      HOH please :D or NIGHTMARE /gg

  14. vote shop update please !!!!!

    1. Abril♥


      I'll be working on that this coming Saturday.