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  1. I know I don't know you or nor you know me, but I was just creeping and LOL'd at the comment under mine. kbye.

  2. This is quite pathetic. But anywho, [N]-Joy

  4. Thanks Gurlfrein! :]

  5. Yup. :]

    How are you doing? I believe your still playing here.(?)

  6. Bwahaha. Still hackin them SBs? :]

  7. Ew ._.

    Make a new one then :]

  8. Ew. What are you doing here? o_o

    Your never on MSN fag ._.

  9. Hay Hay Hay, um was happnun?!

  10. Lol? "Last thing we need is dupers"? Last I heard you were caught duping also, so don't gimme that bullshit. ;]

  11. xD You would like that wouldn't you? Got any items for me here? :D

  12. "I KoS All Dupers'' LOL

    Go kill yourself :D

  13. Yo Inari, hit me up with some equips if I play here. Lol

  14. LOL NOOB. Sif, come on sRO for one day then never again T.T

  15. LOL nice about me noob. I like those notebook nikes. Anyways what you been up to?

  16. Sup Gangstaaaa!

  17. ...Nevermind, Just saw the "I QUIT'' sign :D

  18. Omg Its Nikki. Do you still play?

  19. LOL EMI!!!!

    Im Banned :D

  20. Lately, I've been hearing a lot about Abysmal Knight Cards working on the Emperium. I'm just wondering if anyone here has tested this and has seen which was better. I know that in one of my past servers, Abysmal Knights did work.
  21. Lol, this is simply awesome
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