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  1. Is there another person who knew your account? If yes, then it's possible that person might be the one who took it.
  2. Interesting! =)

    1. jsum90
    2. Nicolight


      mubalik q dula =P.. Mecha aq gamiton =)

    3. jsum90


      kanusa ka mo dula ug balik?

  3. I experience the same problem a while ago. The answer is, my university blocked things like GRo browser =)
  4. Oh please come back =)
  5. how you used it before with the same connection at the university?
  6. I tested it w/ Mechanic's Front and Back Slide while wearing Brynhildr, still not working. I tested it in PVP, Town and Woe.
  7. Nicolight

    Updates & Fixes

    Thanks GM Everade! More Power!
  8. Nicolight


    I notice that FAW's are to squisy. They're like 1 or 2 skills from the enemy and "boom", FAW shut down. ​Why not make FAW HP or def a bit higher? Maybe make it like the current castle guardian's stats, but not with the damage.. Although the current damage of FAW's are too low. ​And I just notice, guilmates or partymates can hit/shut down the FAW. Just a suggestion. =)
  9. If you're referring to Mechanic Summons (FAW Magic Decoy), it's working and it consumes the new item requirement elemental points as you say. I tested it and I was able to summon the types of FAW Magic Decoy using there respective elemental points.
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