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  1. why i cant update . always failed
  2. @Everade gm can you detect the players that have an issue about dupplicate items? and youl fix the bug at BG and the issues of of their names like L and I they violated the rules of the server.
  3. i invest everyday but still no boxes
  4. @Everade that RG Ra white Dragon do something gm . he abuse all the time
  5. almost 2 consicutive woe with no gm boxes last woe we got 2 castles and now 1 castle but no boxes,we work harder to defend a castle and after all no boxes .so anoying please help @Everade our members gettin lost bcos of this issue.
  6. @Everade gm that Ra White Dragon he ruin the BG healing the stones my friend reported it already we are waiting for an action thank you.
  7. but how come my friend can enter his house? i was trying it bout 10x all night .but still i got nothing.
  8. but GMs not ignoring this issue no action and for that bug user . so anoying >.<
  9. i cant get berry's what is the main purpose of account plus if the house cant be use? not worth it ..
  10. why i cant enter in house its already 2 days i got my premium account plus 2 days ago then. help me thnx GM..
  11. Need prices in every items to avoid over price so many people abusing SASH = 2TAO or TAO THANA and that is +5 to all stats only.
  12. i suggest no duals anymore just one account even linker should play and move and in bg it sucks so many duals . in guild too 15-20 is good idea but let the gm's decide no more duals.
  13. why i cant put the rata card to sage ring? it is also a mid gear please fix this gm ..
  14. i cant change color at my helm please fix it and how can i change name? im a premium account
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