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  1. Hmm male and that time i was using number 30 hstyle
  2. Ohh its working... Thank you so much nico xD
  3. I keep getting that message and can't login after im using command [email protected] 30 and suddenly force closed
  4. Sorry im running out of Cp, because there're many peeps aready book it. I'll let you know if my cp is ready. @Drop By Newbie Sorry uriel already sold @Gale Windscar
  5. rafelcd

    B> Elvira Card

    Bump. Already bought WW,sinx,and Gss
  6. rafelcd

    B> Elvira Card

    I'll buy for 300m pm me if my price is too low and your offer cuz i don't know the price lal xD thx Also i'm selling : - CP Item,costume,card that tradeable = 5m/cash point
  7. Sorry i doesn't need that card anymore. Maybe u can offer another item/card?
  8. Thxx Eve much appreciate
  9. No problem with the gRo patcher.. But looks like my kro is not up to date.. Is it trigger the issue?
  10. Here Sir... --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Resource File Loading fail ¸ö\¿ö·Ï_³²_406.pal palette\¸ö\¿ö·Ï_³²_406.pal --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
  11. Help... I cannot login my char. I think it because my dye
  12. Bump Added Cash and Vote point
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