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  1. Any news about the killcount behavior?
  2. Sharpshooting uses the same algorithm, yet it can still hit the dummy in places Cannon Spear cannot. Sharp Shooting is 3x12, Cannon Spear is 3x11. The target is well within range but one hits and the other does not. Something has to be wrong here.
  3. From my understanding, Vicious Mind Weapons are supposed to come pre-enchanted (like Snakeskins) but they currently are not dropping with any (or I am extremely unlucky if there is a chance of coming enchanted). I believe this is bugged.
  4. I gotta turn attention back to the picture I linked, it seems as though Mercenary killcount only increments when they get a killing blow still. That is inconsistent with what appears to be “correct” behavior - are these changes made in response to keep the killcount system as is, or was this just glossed over and will be addressed in the future?
  5. Seems like I post here a little more than I would like to Cannon Spear has a range of 11 cells however upon targeting from outside this range you are autopathed to a cell beyond this established range. This causes it to miss which is ?correct? behavior however obviously shouldn't happen as it shouldn't be cast out of range. Also, it appears as though something is wrong with the line calculation when using Cannon Spear, as it misses (at least the primary target) at certain angles even when well within range. You can see I cast Cannon Spear 4 times in a row and no damage was inflicted. It appears to be very finicky. 2 cells out and then 5 cells perpendicular is the only spot I have tested, but i recreated it at a different angle on the left dummy shown here : Is this intended behavior? I'm fairly certain that Cannon Spear and Sharp Shooting use the same algorithm for drawing lines (for hitting purposes) however could not replicate this missing with Sharp Shooting.
  6. Hm it appeared as though the mobs eventually stopped spawning, is there anything that could possibly cause that? That was usually what stumped us, or is that just part of the sequence breaking from the overlap and npc issue?
  7. I was there so I can offer some more specific details : Monster that were/are not spawning properly were the 1st/2nd Commander of Destruction (ID 2473 and 2474 respectively, also note that these can be found on the second floor of OGH - the same one as Amdarais, the map that you are sent to after killing the Corrupted Root). Monsters that we killed in attempt to spawn the respective commanders were the Corrupted Abysmal Knights, Khalitzburgs, Raydric/Raydric Archers that spawn in tight groups on the left and then right sides of said "second floor." The left portal is open immediately upon entering the map however the message detailing that it is in fact open does not appear until the cutscene between Heinrich and Varmundt is done. The 1st Commander should spawn after a random number of mobs are killed on the left side (or something equivalent in nature) and then the right side opens. The 2nd Commanders behavior should follow suit, upon which the upper portal to Amdarais' room should appear. The problem lies within the spawning of the Commanders. As for which NPC was not working, it seemed as though Hugin (after killing Amdarais, still inside the instance) did not reward correctly. I have no idea why/how as it didnt happen to me, but Carol got MVP on Corrupt Root (1 temporal crystal) and also got one from Amdarais chest (2 temporal crystal) however did not get a third upon talking to Hugin (inside the instance). So in summary the 1st/2nd Commanders spawning on the second floor seems to have issues, and something went wrong with Hugin after killing Amdarais.
  8. It appears as though Rebellions Full Buster no longer just has cast delay? In the past being under the effects of Bragi greatly increased the abilities usability as reaching 100% aftercast made it have a pretty low (but still existent) delay. Now, it seems to be locked in a long animation as though it were ASPD based. Just wanted to report this in case it was not functioning as intended, since every wiki I could find listed it as having an aftercast delay and nothing else yet it seems to behave otherwise.
  9. I noticed I dropped like 1k weight randomly, and I wasn't hallucinating! Honor Token on our DB: The description matches the in game one however it appears as though a weight of 1 is still there! Can confirm the effects are felt in game as I dropped from ~4.4k weight to ~3.1k after liberating myself of 1.2k honor tokens.
  10. Our itemDB : In game description : Actual effect : ?? Which one is correct? It appears as though its meant to be Each 10 base dex given by the script listed but its just inconsistent, also it reads "increase damage" instead of perhaps "increase long range damage."
  11. I would like to have attention brought to this little snip from our wiki : It appears as though Mercs only get loyalty when they land a killing blow, which according to the statement above is incorrect/inconsistent. Are they currently behaving correctly? I just recently discovered the uses for Mercenaries and was looking into those 10th grade ones, but at this point having my merc get killing blows on 25,000 mobs that are higher than 1/2 my base level for 500 loyalty points (only to then lose 400 for purchasing ONE 10th grade merc) just seems so absurd and essentially unobtainable/unsustainable for what appears to be a relatively small change. Perhaps an adjustment to how loyalty points work or even the requirement for 10th grade mercs is appropriate?
  12. Just to double check, all issues were confirmed? Or just the Skill use and WhiteZ issue? Because lacking a potential 30% SP increase among other things is pretty massive!
  13. Eve you are an absolute saint ❤️
  14. Hi It appears as though the items Throwing HP Increase Potion (Large), Enriched White PotionZ, and both not throwing AND Throwing SP Increase Potion (Large) do not work properly. The HP increase potion had no effect on my maximum health and the restoration effect may not be healing the correct values. The Enriched White PotionZ natural regeneration bonus is not working either. It states 20% however natural healing on my RG is not getting increased nor is the healing from outside sources like Potion Pitcher getting increased. The not throwing SP potion did give me extra SP, however was still the incorrect amount as it should be giving 30% as stated in the itemDB on our website, but it gave something closer to 10%. The Throwing version does not give any SP boost at all. The restoration effect of the SP potions seems to work about right. I have not tested on the Medium or Small sizes, nor have I tested anything other than the Vitata500 which appears to work correctly. On top of this, Item Sling does not appear to work upon warping to a map and trying to target a friendly unit. This was solved by first targeting a target dummy on alt_fild02 and then using Item Sling. It seems to have trouble targeting friendlies if its the first action on the map. Values for the Potions were cross referenced with a few databases including our own, however our own does not seem to include non-throwing versions but this should not be an issue as the throwing ones have the same effect just lower duration than the non-throwing versions.
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