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  1. Hi, strange problem ahead. No matter what character i log into i get this popup on login : After which closing it, this happens when trying to use an item, talk to another npc, or try to teleport : I actually cant play! Would a reinstall fix the problem maybe, or this a persistent issue?
  2. I spoke with Eve about it and he said that he will keep the server up because its not an issue preventing people from playing, just only specific characters. So it was expected for people to attempt to play, and I believe this is because its going to be a blanket fix that affects the entire server.
  3. Any of the sitting ones cant be logged into (Verdue gets rejected) One is my main ranger, the second is a ranger i made to test trapping and see how good it was for pvm (pretty decent actually), and the third is just a dq ranger with low or farming gears mostly since my main for a long time had 1 or very low STR and no gym training with Ripped Cabus.
  4. The login stuff just got worse, I just got 4 more of mine into rejection status... No idea what caused it, thought it was because I was logging out in a cell that was occupied by another offline player but that wasn't it. Just double checked that thats it and now have 6 total characters bugged I just wanna fish
  5. AceWindstorm

    July Updates

    Will we have the instance warper updated with what new instances have been implemented? If this comes as a surprise thats ok, but references to your updates on items (such as Gigantic Bow, Heart Hunter Evil Card etc.) clued me in that several new instances were implemented either knowingly or unknowingly. From what I can tell at this moment, Jitterbug of Nightmare is implemented (the NPCs have appeared and seem to work, will try with a party later), and the Heart Hunter Evil Card points to Heart Hunter Warbase being implemented although I have not checked yet.
  6. I try to do PHQ every day, haven't been asking around in global for some time though... IGN AceWindstorm
  7. It would appear as though our monsters stats may be a little nutty... this seems like a simple out of bounds issue because comparing to the database online we have : which if you notice, VIT has 520 in game, but the value is supposed to be the DEX value. If you shift it over 2 spots, it makes sense... same can be said for the rest of the stats!
  8. It’s resolved he’s just a salty boy
  9. From what I have found it seems like the Rock Ridge weapons are meant to be somewhat rare monster drops. This is from an unofficial source but has to be the only option as it doesn’t appear as though there are missing npcs from which we could buy weapons like the elemental origin. It just seems like it makes the most sense.
  10. I have no idea how my nivida experience got uninstalled but that was the issue! Thanks!
  11. Yes everything is up to date! I have windows 10 and there are only compatibility modes for older OS's I haven't made any changes to hardware recently I honestly have no idea what could be causing it :/
  12. Adding in a little bit more here... some of these may also be considered bugs! If I need to also report them in the bug section just let me know Ninja It appears as though there is at least one piece of gear missing from the Rockridge update. The Hundred Leaf Huuma Shuriken [2] (aka Huuma Shuriken of Dancing Petals[2]) appears to be unimplemented. I am not exactly sure what it is supposed to be on, but I think it may be a monster drop in the area, considering that all the mobs seem to drop only cards or misc items which is pretty strange because if im not mistaken there are several Rebellion related things from here as well. Haven't looked into that though! GX The GX skill Poisoning Weapon is supposed to last 5 minutes, but it only lasts one. Additionally, it is very difficult to tell if an enemy has been poisoned or not, particularly when doing Geffen Magic Tournament it doesnt appear as though the enemies are poisoned at least by the Magic Mushroom poison as they do not use the emote. The other effects can be a little hard to notice when hitting an enemy but the should be pretty clear. Warlock It appears as though there is a mistake or purposeful custom choice with the effect of Reading Spell Book/Release. I believe the skill is supposed to remove the aftercast delay and cooldown of the Released spell in order for Release to have a use. If using Release has legitimately no benefits as it directly mimics the cooldown AND aftercast delay of a given ability whats the point of it? Its the exact same thing as casting the spell itself. Seems very odd and kinda crippling for the class in some ways. Thats it for now
  13. Just two pictures for reference but for me and a friend the achievement related things are a little uhhhhhh incorrect and then one of the rewards (a screencap of a phone picture lol...)
  14. Whenever I go to start the game (after opening the patcher and clicking play) I get several of these which I can spam through and then proceed to play normally. Any ideas? I have tried fully deleting and reinstalling twice. I dont even know why there would be something in my C drive that is causing an issue because RO has always been on my D drive anyways...
  15. Bio5 It seems like Bio5 is tortuously slow, at least in my personal opinion. With Cursed Fragment drop rates (and everything else as well) being sub-5% and the mobs being pretty tanky, either the amount to enchant an old headgear or the drop rate should change. To be clear : 1. Creating the old headgear seems to be at a pretty fine pace. Energy Debris aren't that hard to get from bio3 weapon drops. 2. Initial enchantments also seem to be ok. It takes some time to get the necessary Cursed Fragments and the 2nd slot enchant is very powerful so it should take a little time to reroll. 3. The amount of fragments is 10 (x3 for the first three initial enchantments), then 20/40/50/70/100/150/250/500/1000. This is actually insane, even if you were to get the god roll and succeed every time, it would take forever to accumulate so many. Not to mention, should you fail it downgrades by 1. For reference, the chances of success are something along the lines of 80/80/70/60/50/40/20/20/20. I know the ceiling is 80 and the floor is 20, but the in between numbers I may not be remembering correctly. Its just an absolutely miserable slugfest to grind for these. In my experience, doing it with a relatively geared out Ranger, im still almost entirely relegated to taking on mobs 1 by 1. In general, they are all manageable on their own, but quite literally all of the magic that Catherine/Celia possess and Seyren/Howards Earthquake is just instant death, mostly because I don't have a GTB shield to swap to. Even with that though, its seemingly impossible to mob as they just won't die quick enough because they all have varying elemental weaknesses. On top of this "forced" slow pace, even with a FCPd tank to mob things up a lil bit it would still be slow because you would probably be splitting the fragments. Also with a Ranger as a partner things are still slow partially because of my next gripe. Sharpshoot Why exactly does Sharpshooting have a cooldown? Was this a balance change? It feels absolutely awful to use at high aftercast reduction because of it. If I remember correctly, some bugs were fixed and changes made in order to reduce Sharpshootings critical bonus and therefore reduce its damage, and having a delay on top of that seems overkill. It is the only reliable way for a lets call it "versatile" (not full crit) Ranger to kill/hit enemies that have AgiUP (insane flee rate increase, might not be the correct ability) which many MVPs have including mobs in Bio5. If there was an argument made that Sharpshoot was just replacing the 3rd Job Skill Aimed Bolt for ability based dps, I would argue heavily against that because with the right support Aimed Bolt will outdamage Sharpshoot every time due its multihit mechanic. Even moreso on Large enemies. I guess thats about it for now
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