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  1. Old thread but I was just looking through posts, figured I should say that the rock ridge weapons should all be there now, as drops from various buffalo bandits!
  2. Alright wellllllllllllllllllll then i guess its working as intended? If thats how the items bonuses work, the only issue is the wacky damage variance on certain maps which was explained earlier.
  3. Adding on to Demon, when you go into the Buwaya instance his whole thing is "his deadly box attack" in which he warps all players (dead or alive) into the small box part of the map. Any dead players are revived with very little HP and suffer the poison/bleeding as normal. This allows the instance to be completed because its almost impossible (from what I know) to survive Buwaya for more than 10-15 seconds as a tank. I imagine its possible to survive longer with a more niche setup. Mainly though this allows the DPS to focus on doing damage while tanks can draw buwaya away, but dying is inevitable unless he decides to rewarp you very quickly (which is possible and based on people staggering out of the box can happen even before being able to hit him).
  4. Originally I thought i was wrong and that maybe it wasnt bugged, but after retesting it extensively again the issue remains. Galapago damage buff only occurs when you summon the falcon actively to you AFTER equipping the galapago. Removing it afterwards and continuing to use the galap doesnt change it back. 1. Falcon off hitting, no gear but galapago. Damage below. 2. Put on WWS. Has no enchants and Aqua bodygear card. Damage is still fine. 3. Summon Falcon. Damage changes...? Somethings going on here... and I dont know what. I have no buffs on. I just used the WWS to show that nothing else was increasing the damage. Even when you desummon the falcon it stays, you have to take the galapago off to remove the damage buff. This means that some sort of condition is being met WHEN YOU SUMMON THE FALCON WHILE HAVING THE GALAPAGO ON in order to activate the proper damage buff. Damage with just falcon here. Matches pre falcon summon galapago. Second picture is post falcon removal galapago keeping the damage. At the end of the day it is not the biggest deal, all you have to do to have the correct damage buff is simply put on the galap, summon the falcon, dismiss it, and summon warg. Off you go to the damage races. Regardless, I think it is important that people know about it so no one is confused, does not necessarily need to get fixed asap.
  5. First off, somethings wacky with the aspd calculation. I will be listing exactly what I do to reach the screenshot you see below. As you can see I have no stats and yet 193 ASPD. I am wearing only beginner gear (including shield). Heres me wearing a death note with its stats : So in order : 1. Create Char 2. Level, max base as Taekwon Kid. 3. Change job. 4. Level but put 0 points into SLS Shadow. 5. Hit job level 120, then learn SLS Shadow (learned it to max level which is 10 in one application of skill points). 6. Reset Stats. 7. You now have virtually max aspd with 0 stats. Also, It appears to bug the Blind effect of SLS Shadow and it does not occur. I noticed something was off when I made a SG and learned Shadow while leveling and they had the shadow but the very first SG I made did not have it. The character you see is named God Fist Lee Sin, in case that helps with looking at char data or something. In a last second discovery, it also appears that the Death Note's refine based ASPD bonus isn't working either, here is it and a Legacy of Dragon sharing the same ASPD. Could just be related to the APSD bug of the class overall though.
  6. Pretty much title, is this intended? This instance is crazy hard now if true o.o
  7. The instance warper sends you to the map dali instead of dali02, but has correct coordinates. It puts you in front of Saras Memory instance instead of Devils Tower. Thats all!
  8. Yeah, it said 2% per refine previously but on the latest update where all the items got redone it changed to this.
  9. On being soullinked i do not gain access to SLS Union nor can I put skill points into it at any time
  10. States for each 2 refine levels it increases long range, but its 2 TIMES refine level.
  11. The NPC dialogue glitches and does not close when reserving sky fortress. Cannot go in as party leader logging out immediately doesnt help either
  12. Well thanks Gale for letting me know! I am pretty unfamiliar with how Flat HP bonuses and how stuff like that works because... well as a Ranger player I never really needed to know since it was never something I had. Edit : So then its also affected by vit% bonuses too then right? nutty
  13. So its meant to be weaker to that much of a degree? i could understand if it was toned down a little bit but thats pretty significant especially when its such an expensive upgrade process that can even fail
  14. Update here, borrowing a slotted Bryn from the wonderful Saku and here we can see it for sure doesn't have the same effect as the unslotted bryn difference of like 27k hp and it amounts to like 7% of my hp let alone some tank class... very far away from the 35% advertised
  15. The scripts for these two items should be the same no? It seems as though the Slotted version has the official script (with HP/SP increases based on base level) but the unslotted has this : and then slotted versions for comparison : whats it supposed to be?
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