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  1. YoLac

    Letter To Santa 2018

    Dear Santa, I hope you are having a nice day. My in-game name is Watafaka and my real name is James, Its already been 9 years since i started playing this server i still remember the days where there are so many peeps esp. during woe and i hope this server will still be kickin' in the next more years! More powers to all of you guys! and for this year i really wanted to have a King Tiger Doll Hat(1) Item ID# 5497. Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year! Yours Truly, James P H I L I P P I N E S N U M B A W A N !
  2. YoLac

    Dead Server

    Nakalimutan ko na paps eh kasi visit lng ako sa TAMBAY dati funda/cd talga ako
  3. YoLac

    Dead Server

    T A M B A Y - 2009
  4. YoLac


    Not just BBVHL but also CD/Fundamentals , Temperance, Ghostz, Prodigy. Nyahahahaha
  5. YoLac

    S> items

    CP = zeny?
  6. YoLac

    Ichi's Basic PvP Guide for Shadow Chaser

    nice guide boss idol +1
  7. YoLac

    BG/EMP sets

    Yeah truuuu +1
  8. Fisher Ring still can't be dropped stored and sold
  9. YoLac

    PvP room with Egg/Dummy

    +1 ichi-oppa, really need this kind of pvp room to test items those such items.
  10. YoLac

    S>MVPS,Temporal Boots

  11. YoLac

    B>BG Badges

    Bump updated!
  12. YoLac

    S>MVPS,Temporal Boots

  13. YoLac

    B>BG Badges

  14. YoLac

    OGH Bug - 1st Knight didn't spawn

    Also experienced this kind of bugged, but we tried to find a way and what we found out that during at Corruption root all of your party members should damaged it and after you killed corruption and you entered to that portal you must wait until the dialogue will end.