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  1. Raven Mishima

    B>Sinx = Zeny Just Pm Me

    B>Sinx = Zeny Just Pm Me
  2. Raven Mishima

    S>Tao/ChampChen = ????

    Just Message Me
  3. Raven Mishima

    Kazalus' Guide to Sorcery!

    good job kazalus but the images of the items are not showed hehehehe
  4. Raven Mishima

    Major Client Update

    my god sura has been nerf?
  5. Raven Mishima

    Armor Refinement Increase

    +1 is nice idea
  6. Raven Mishima

    Baby PVP Tournament

    GM Lipton was not online T_T
  7. Hello Sir GM Everede
    i like to report IGN:rarr his a sorc trace his IP address his got my BOA also a scammer he will not return to me

    1. Everade


      Please create a report here:

      And give us more details of what exactly happened so we can take a look at it.

      Thank you

    2. Hurt Locker

      Hurt Locker

      yea you got 2 days before he can delete his char. so better make that report, i hope you get it back

  8. Hello Gm Everade my Acc didnt not teleport any part of place like example
    @warp anthell02 the only place i teleport is prontera only

    im going to teleport.rrf

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    2. Raven Mishima

      Raven Mishima

      thx for the suggestion Gm Everade

    3. Raven Mishima

      Raven Mishima

      xRaven and Art of Hunting is not able to teleport
      im stuck in prontera

    4. Everade
  9. hello gm evarade my game here is not working im going to log in but its always Disconnected
    Also the language also?


    1. Everade


      Please reinstall gRO using our FullClient and make sure to start the game using out gatheringro patcher.

      It looks like you havent installed it properly.

      What you are seing is the official korean ragnarok client.

    2. Raven Mishima

      Raven Mishima

      ok gm Everade