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  1. Chingu

    The Sign

    Dance quest is still bugged
  2. Chingu

    Healing staff[2]

    Yes, i think it is.
  3. Chingu

    Magma Eruption

    Yes sir, as long as this problem will be fix anytime soon, theres is no problem. Thank you =)
  4. Chingu

    Magma Eruption

    Yea, but yep, the burning status is the one that is painful. And yeah it depends on the targers hp, but it also do the same thing. More hp more dmg, less hp less dmg. But the dps still do alot of damage overtime.
  5. Chingu

    Magma Eruption

    Yea i guess you guys are right. This skill should only be for mechanic. Best thing to do here is to remove the copy skill of this in sc.
  6. Chingu

    Magma Eruption

    I think this skill should be nerf. DPS too OP Or just remove it in reproduce copy skill because it is not in wiki database
  7. Chingu

    Soul Expansion Damage

    Warlock is the easiest job to counter tho. What we need to fix for warlock is the marsh of abyss. It should be counter by GTB
  8. Chingu

    Goldring Card [Suggestion]

    25-30% would be fine
  9. Chingu

    About 'The Sign' Quest.

    Yeah, its not working properly
  10. Chingu

    Daily Quest: class C

    I would like to ask the GM Team if we could minimize the monster kill per quest on class C DQ. I dont know why the quest ask for more kills on few monster on a map. For example You need to kill 70 of this kind monster while it is only 10-20 in the map in the other hand, it also ask few kills on a many monster in a map. For example you need to kill 30-50 of this kind monster and the monster count on the map is like 80-120 It took me 1hour to finish my Class C daily quest. Lol Thanks
  11. Now it makes you wonder how we get killed so easily. Hahaha! We aint no ragnarok newbies, ofcourse we know how to make some reduce depending on enemies. Anyway, no hate bro. Peace
  12. All i can read here is all the players who havent tasted the true damage of the said player. Try to join our guild on this next woe to see her damage. No offense also bro but i beat you several times as you beat me several times also. if You said you have a good equip/switching, how can i possibly beat you? And please don't tell me i have bad switching. All my guildmates are getting pissed with the Overpower sharp shooting by khai. Seriously, are you telling me all of us have bad dmg reduce? To be honest, im not being too over reacting with the dmg of SS. i just want to make it balance. Thank you sir Everade
  13. Unfortunately, i cant provide a evidence because i didnt have a screenshot. Sorry
  14. It has no animation when the /effect command is off. Thank you
  15. Wanna try my defense in pvp? I show you... and let me see yours. =)