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  1. +1 i agree with this guy.. enhance armor should be increased at least 5-15% success rate... up up up..
  2. Costume Double Horn Helm (color green) Costume Magical Feather (pink headband with moving feathers) only two headgear costumes .. both are tradable not a bound item...
  3. sure come online.. i always tank for the rangers since day 1st of that event... and pls clean my name... thanks in advance...
  4. ah i see.. they said a name and u believe that he use errende.. what if i said ur name.. and all of players who joined the event.. you will still believe it.. i wear only 2 imp necklace with spore since that event was started.. as always sharkie always a victim.. who are u then.. im sharkie anyway.. i always tank for the rangers to help them.. make sure u pinpoint the right person....
  5. i hope any of GM watch the Boss Events to detect who really use pneuma in alt_fild02 map.. im on Dracarys guild.. i have two newbie ranger friend i'd help named Ariene05 and GreatRanger who also in that boss event. i do not use errende, much better to use spore card for maximum hp... i already kick the one u said that uses pneuma.. im also anti "PNEUMA"ERRENDE" anyway..
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