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  1. Drop By Newbie


    tutz to adik. bahahaa
  2. Drop By Newbie


    Hoy meg! penge womans pra mabuo ko na.
  3. Hello. im buying Wing of Happiness on the CashPoints. May i know which card/stuff are you looking atm?
  4. i have +13 and +14 Elemental sword. May i know your offer?
  5. ❤️ nice hats and other misc thingy. I love the HE bgum.
  6. cat tread and sinew for woman's moustache
  7. Here are the MVP's/Misc that I have in my storage: Tao Gunka Gioia Guardian Kades Daehyon Sinx Hwiz Mastersmith Elvira Rainbow Sash Balmung [+0,+10,+13] Pm or leave offer here. Thanks.
  8. sorry but the ABP and boots was already sold last week.
  9. I just did. I'm also selling balmung.
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