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  1. Slowmotion

    No Castel Drops

    hey i dunno if its only me buts its the second day now ,that i got no chests in the master room already invested 6 times still nothing and wasted a HE gum ... help please
  2. Slowmotion

    B>omen of tempest

    pn offer need 3ea
  3. Slowmotion

    Gravis' Guide to a Support Rune Knight!

    i think the discription of the runes would be enought... so much words just to tell a rune knight can use runes that got nutting to do with a support R. knight out of my sight
  4. Slowmotion

    Spiral Pirce

    maybe as RG but i could move with endure on Genetic and a standing genetic is a dead genetic....
  5. Slowmotion

    Spiral Pirce

    Acid Demonstration is also easy to counter so y we nerfe it? an RK is easy played with out insta Spiral also
  6. Slowmotion

    Spiral Pirce

    is it maybe possible to make a fix cast time for Spiral Pirce like we got it on Acid Demonstracion ? its kida lame u cant move if a RK start SP or make AD instend again for balance .....thanks
  7. Slowmotion


    no ithink it started 2 days ago i thought i was bugging ^^
  8. Slowmotion

    Items not working

    how about talk normal with each other?
  9. Slowmotion

    Mining Counter

    very nice idea nico and thankies everade for the possibility and is it maybe possible to make the big hp line for mvps and Wbe again (just if it not that much for ) thankies
  10. Slowmotion

    World Boss Nuisances

    yea but vio u aint lose expi nutting if u get pissed of it take a screen and report this ppl but i dont think that ban is a good idea marc should take tax up to the shit they do start with 5b ends with 40 b what ever
  11. Slowmotion

    World Boss Nuisances

    i dont get it ... do u lose any expi when u die ???? if yes high rate server 30 sec and u got ur expi back let the ppl have a bit fun and kill ech other i dont see there any problems
  12. Slowmotion

    Preventing Abuse during BG?

    short time ??? trap holds u 10 or 15 sec dunno ,with manhole u can hold the enermy the whole battle this is short time for u??? we was playing 3on3 he manhole 3 ppl... after that game everyone was pissed and quit bg playing so this is the better way?
  13. Slowmotion

    Preventing Abuse during BG?

    common vio u cant compare traps with manhole, in a trap u can still use skills or do something in manhole u cant do a shit.... i was playing bg we had to break emp and i had a sc against me that dude casted 5 min manhole under me ..... 5 min watching how he cast again and again and again manhole under me this is fair ???? u cant place traps or thorn trap direct under the ppl , it has to be 2or3 cells between enermy and trap ...
  14. Slowmotion

    Preventing Abuse during BG?

    yea he mean the flags but i dont see it as abuse its kind of a tactical move
  15. Slowmotion

    New Instances

    if a run knight start with insta spirale pirce not even endure can help u to move so i think the nerf is ok