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  1. hmmm wasnt it 2%longrange per upgrade? http://db.irowiki.org/db/item-info/15042/
  2. he is wearing #19538: Full Moon https://www.gatheringro.ch/?module=item&action=view&id=19538
  3. develing and gtb is all u need for gm castel and when the Clone GM spawn u can use ur skills for the soldiers u should use a crit char the evetithing is fine
  4. Slowmotion


    yea its only dont work when u frozen when u unfrozen u can use it ... so yea the skill dont work right
  5. i think the bg set is power full enought with the whole buffs like hp + ...... if it get Uninterruptible Casting it would be way to op
  6. how about add unfrozen effect to were card
  7. hey i dunno if its only me buts its the second day now ,that i got no chests in the master room already invested 6 times still nothing and wasted a HE gum ... help please
  8. pn offer need 3ea
  9. i think the discription of the runes would be enought... so much words just to tell a rune knight can use runes that got nutting to do with a support R. knight out of my sight
  10. maybe as RG but i could move with endure on Genetic and a standing genetic is a dead genetic....
  11. Acid Demonstration is also easy to counter so y we nerfe it? an RK is easy played with out insta Spiral also
  12. is it maybe possible to make a fix cast time for Spiral Pirce like we got it on Acid Demonstracion ? its kida lame u cant move if a RK start SP or make AD instend again for balance .....thanks
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