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  1. I want to suggest about changing the summoning pattern of world bosses. Like for example, Belphegor spawn in 20:20 server time , it takes hardly around 25-30 minutes due to lack of participants in this events since it is midnight here and also in other country and some of them are likely asleep . Last time when I'd played we have only 5-8 rangers with 2 dorams w/o RG in this event and I died a lot. LOL. It takes a lot of time and I'd get only 1 Evil Boss Fragment. Well, I suggest if Werewolf should spawn at this times (20:20, 23:20 and 2:20[I don't know what time exactly] server time) since Werewolf is easy to kill unlike Belphegor (due to his servants) and at these time only few active players here. And for Belphegor, it should spawn at (7:20, 11:20 and 16:20). Thanks..
  2. All quartets will lead, lead to the lalalalala~
  3. Ok sir. Thanks for your help ! I really need it for my montage. XD I'm trying to make one but I don't have a lot of replay files, so it might take months to finish xD
  4. Hahaha! Ok. He said he hunt 1k mvps and got only 1 op amon ra card. Can't give a link since there is a problem.
  5. Well, avoid death. xD. Death reduce your possibility to get higher emp. frags.
  6. You have same problem with Aketsu hahaha.
  7. Well, you have to create a new character for hunting (any class). For me, maybe it just your one of your character (hunting) who is unlucky. I made a 6 RGs and tried to hunt MVP in ET and three of those RG got a lot of cards in the day I created it and the other three, well, unfortunately didn't get one.
  8. I tried the older replay file and ends up same problem.
  9. 1k for 1 amon ra card xD, seriously ?.
  10. No. I recorded it using gRO and it is woe in that time. LOL
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