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  1. Hi sir i want report some bug with enchant temporal boots! I was enchant my temporal boots w/ card there (Boss Ygnizem) before just 4 times enchant and ill try w/o decard. After enchant my card gone T_T is it bug? Please Reply Regards Sarahan
  2. Hi Hi! I want selling some cheap MVP Like: -Sk = 500m -Moonie=450m -Gopinch=Offer (dunno cost this card) -Amdarias=1.5b -Edgga=Offer (dunno cost this card) -Detale=500m Others: -Geffen Bully=250m -Ju=300m Temporal Boots : - +7 Dex boots with EA4+HE= LBO - Int Boots with Spell5+LuckyDay=900m Hope my price not OP >.< Sarahan
  3. After all it's supposed to auto activate per attack, not per hit. So even if your ctrl+click attack misses from PD, it will still proc as it should https://irowiki.org/wiki/Warg_Strike Auto-strike on all type of attack. https://irowiki.org/wiki/Blitz_Beat Can be triggered even if the attack misses or is blocked.
  4. Sarahey

    Althea Renovation

    I think that op just coming from Michi! My mecha also doesnt hurt with Axe Tornado
  5. Hello^^ i want report some bug at OldGlashiem(OGH) Instance! The second mini boss not spawn after we kill the mobs I have no Ss or record but that real T_T Please fixed it or tell me how to do it now! Thanks Regards Sarahan
  6. @Rayleigh So the real helm isnt sloted? or maybe gm can fixed it to be slot? XD because (Hiyaa!!)= Salam XD Thanks for the info GM Ray
  7. Hiyaa!!! i want report some bug with Giant Helm from Hunter Shop i tried it many times but still didnt work please fix it, Thanks! Regards Sarahan
  8. and where is angus? T_T No clue there
  9. Please fixed instance Faceworm Nest Hunter Quest! We got no rodex after do instance Regards Sarahan
  10. In exactly a month from now will mark gRO's 13th year anniversary! I had an idea for a suggestion to run a limited time 13-themed event! On the day of the 13th anniversary, starting on 13:13 (Server time), a promotional event that will run for 13 hours straight! 13% Discount on all Cash Shop items 13% chance to get a +13 Armor/Weapon certificate on your 13th Daily Quest completion (that would be the third A quest) 13% more badges in all modes in BG 13% more upgrade success rate for all weapons and armors from +10 to +13 (+13% chance from +10 to 11, from +11 to 12, from +12 to 13, and from +13 to 14) 13% more upgrade success rate for all levels on Shadow Gears 13% more chance to successfully slot Temporal Boots 13% more chance to transform a Nebula Aura into a Sash 13% more chance success on slotting a Balmung [0] and making a Bryn [1] 13 points per click on the voting website instead of 1 point Or you can pick and choose whichever you prefer to implement and for however long the time instead but I just thought it would be cute to have a 13 theme hahahaha!
  11. The Woman for enchant White Wing Suits gone!! Please fixed it! Thanks Regards Sarahan
  12. Everytime after you do 4 WOE in a row let there be a Chance to get a GRO box and we can got many ppl to do it GRO box from xmas promotion. Regards Sarahan
  13. Mechas here never needed to equip them for nearly a decade. This sudden change drastically changes gameplay for an unattractive class that only a very few players use for PVP and WoE. For starters, the change takes up at least one more F12 skill bar for all the accessory changing. Even just buffing yourself with Acceleration and Hover requires 4 slots on the F12 bar, and then afterwards 2 more slots to change back to your "battle" accessories. Certain tactics wouldn't be possible with a limited amount of slots on the F12 skill bar now. It's a huge change in Mecha gameplay. Even just the RK's losing ASPD, a small change, will get reverted back to the pre-latest update behavior, let alone such a huge change for Mechas. Change back the equip requirement behavior to before this latest update, please. Regards Sarahan
  14. Sarahey

    December Patch

    +1 !! Nice Update
  15. From December 24 to 26, there was no Double Heroism Badge. You still got the same amount as usual so it feels like there was no promo during those days. Would it be possible to have the 20% Additional Cash Points on December 27 to 30 too on top of the gRO Gift Box chance promo? I know some friends received some cash gifts by family on December 25 and some want to spend a portion of it on gRO! It's the holiday season! Regards Sarahan
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