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  1. Sam D.


    no idea
  2. Sam D.


    thana sword and, bryn [1], +10 lindy hop, +10 faceworm queen dagger ,+10 Queen Anne revenge or offer
  3. Sam D.


    Selling: Sealed LK Pyuriel Leviathan Ifrit Small Devil Horn Baron Devil's Eye [1] +9 Temporal Int Boots [1] LD/Spell5 +12 Vigilante Bow [2] +15 Gentle Breeze Guitar [3] 2pcs Improove Expert Ring Costume: Cos. A.A wing, Kirin wing, Amistir Bag, Crown Of Victory, Rainbow Feathers, Gokou hair (Black,Yellow, Red) Ermes Scarf Red, White Vicious Aura, Blue and Purple Bottle symbol Red Bag Symbol Cards:
  4. Sam D.


    Buying: +9 Queen Anne's Revenge [1] +9 or +0 Hero Silver Leather Boots [1]
  5. 4 Sale or Trade +9 Geffen robe 2pcs +9 Seige suit 2pcs +9 Sniping suit +9 Giant Snake Skin Dex/Luk/Vit/Str +9 Nidhorg Shadow Garb +9 white wing shoes +9 white wing manteau +9 white wing suit +9 str boots (LD,FS7) +9 seige shoes +9 Valk Shield +9 elemental suit +8 elegant doram set +10 tempest[1] +10 ice pick [1] +10 Grimtooth [2] +10 GoldLux [4] +10 vicious mind bow [1] 2pcs imp expert ring 2pcs pendant of maelstrom 1pc Luk/Dex glove [1] Flyng Galapago 1pc Magic intensifier ring +10 Creeper Bow +10 Guillotine Katar +10 Catapult +15 Gentle Freeze Guitar [3] Blue Bottled Water/Red Bag symbol Cards: Memory of Thanatos Lord Knight Tao Gunka Pyuriel Gioia w/ Elvira Garm Incantation Samurai Detale Maya Orc Hero Evil Snake Lord Leviathan Amdaraias Bijou Turtle General Moonlight Flower Leak Skoll Champion Kiel Ifrit Fallen Bishop Upper Gear: +9 rideword hat +9 drooping eddga +9 ancient gold ornament Small Devil Horn Baron Devil Eyes Lower Gear: Gentleman's Pipe [1] Gangster Scarp [1] Chewing Bubble Gum [1] Father White Moustache [1] PM or Mail for Best Offer, Shadow Hunter Dimael
  6. Sam D.


    B> +0 or +10 Lindy Hop [2],Luk Gloves [1], +9 Parade Hat, Costume Thana sword pm me here or in game Char. Name: Shadow Hunter Dimael
  7. offer mail me. Dimael
  8. offer lul glove [1] pm me Dimael
  9. S/T> +9 str boots (LD/FS7) pm me Hunter Dimael
  10. offer for helm pf hermes, small devil horn, Ju card pm me here or in game shadow hunter dimael
  11. Sam D.

    B>+15~20 weapons

    S/T>> +15 gentle freeze guitar [3] pm me if interested
  12. how much temporal int boots,physical enhancer?
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