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  1. Basically it's about an traveler named Kino who travels around the world on a talking motorcycle named Hermes, they visit many different countries with their own cultures and traditions so that they can learn about these countries.
  2. I mean it says that it increases the damage for all shotgun skills, but it only counts for the Gunslinger's skills, not for Rebellion's.
  3. My number 1 anime is Kino no tabi, the original, not the one in this year's autumn season because so far I think it's pretty bad.
  4. Does it work with Rebellion's shotgun skills too? In the Database it only lists Gunslinger skills in its script. I wanted to use it for my PvP build (Mostly for Slugshot)
  5. I guess I could do that too o: I still have an alternative idea where I just hit with a heavy slug once I freeze someone so I guess I'll be okay o: Thanks c: I've hopped a lot of different servers before I got here ;x this server seems the most balanced when it comes to gear stats and stuff, a lot of servers have really over the top stats on their gear, I don't really like that.
  6. I guess that's true :x I just wanted to do something cheesy with a Stormy Knight card on a Wind element Crimson pistol >.< don't even know if that'd work.
  7. Nooo Dx I was already thinking that the pistol might be an exception, doesn't make much sense to me why though.
  8. I've done that, I've also tried using the Merchant class's identify skill when that didn't work and they all turned out neutral. >.<
  9. What's the chance of getting an elemental weapon from identifying? I've gone through over 100 crimson revolvers using either a magnifying glass or the identify skill to ID them but none of them had an element. >.<
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