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  1. I don't know if this is a bug, working the wrong way, or working as intended, most debuffs get removed by Gospel skill of RG but i've noticed that Marsh of Abyss skill of warlock does not get removed by gospel. I tested in all levels of Gospel but none of them removed Marsh. As far as i'm concerned, the way gospel works in GatheringRO in my years of playing here is it removes all buffs and debuffs the moment you cast it, except buffs from +20 and +5 stat food, and marsh of abyss.
  2. I think i deleted my char that holds my Pro Hunter's License. Is there any way i can get a license for phq again? Char name on account is Mr Potts. I've checked all my chars on website but wasn't able to find it. Here are some proof that i've had pro hunter's license before. Thank you
  3. I want to ask why the new bio5 hg 'enchants' are suddenly not working on pvp anymore. Is it a bug? Was it intended to be like this? Or something? Just need an answer and i hope the forums and players are being kept up to date on changes rather than things getting changed/updated without a post for players to know. Thank you.
  4. I suggest this thing should be disabled on castles. I've seen people abusing it during woe to be used like an easy escape tool, feels like a cheat for me.
  5. Good luck and i hope you will be able to fix it to how everything was before. People are eager to play back
  6. If you say so. I just hope nothing worse happens or players won't make it worse
  7. Told you its better to sit back and wait for the game to get fixed before playing again. That will just make more things for eve to attend to.
  8. Some things aren't functioning properly in the server atm. I recommend to sit back and wait for a fix for now before doing such stuffs.
  9. Even if you click it, it doesn't change its dialogue saying that it's owned by a certain guild. The dialogue / sentence is like no guild owns it. Also, i was able to take the castle for my own guild and still, its like that. And couldn't use it at all
  10. For the NPC Suggestion, that's quite the easy way out while advertising the game which makes it hitting 2 birds with 1 stone for the server. This is very much what i meant. SCs build themselves around the combination of their copy skills. Not just copy it on the fly during a fight and expect your char to be able to accommodate the skill easily, no its not designed that way. Pretty much why bringing friends is the 2in1 perfect answer. I think this is a better solution than making a NPC
  11. As a SC user, i very much disagree with this opinion. SC's copy skills are not designed to be used in this way for my perspective. An example situation for the first job copy skill (Plagiarism): You can't just get the skill from an enemy on the fly during a fight then use it. It will be like Get hit by a first job skill -> Preserve (skill) -> Alt+S -> Misc -> Put the skill in a hotkey or left click + Alt+S -> Click it on an enemy. This time frame of doing that just to be able to use the skill you got on the fly is very risky while being vulnerable during the time you do this, or its also possible for the skill to be changed already before it gets used if preserve didn't get/yet used. For the third job copy skill (Reproduce), it will be like Reproduce -> Get hit by a 3rd job skill -> Recast Reproduce -> Alt+S -> Misc -> Put the skill in a hotkey or left click + Alt+S -> Click it on enemy. You can already imagine how messy that will be for both copy skills. Indeed it's possible to be done that way, but it's a very risky and a very unlikely thing to be done in RO if you know how the game's fights works, you can be killed very quick in that moment. To me, the essence of SC's copy skills is for players to be innovative on combinations they can come up with, to utilize their comprehension and knowledge of the game and use them effectively to win fights. SC embraces the effort of thinking rather than spamming one skill to win. Planned ahead of time, and backed with the element of surprise. I neither upvote or downvote the suggestion, i just disagree with this opinion.
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