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  1. BG for the win <3 IGN: Raizel
  2. Its been an issue since before and its quite inevitable. It happens when your time of looting is after server reset (from what i know, schedule is random but i'm not sure abt it) which affects stuffs like investments on castle etc. It probably won't be changed/fixed.
  3. We all know that most people really play GRO for the sake of fighting and being able to feel the reward of our achievements, efforts, and hard work by winning battles. Yes we have WoE and BG for that but i don't think its so bad to add spice to the game pvp wise, so i would like to ask people in our community to post their ideas for events regarding pvp here so we could compile them and discuss about it here. Any idea or suggestion would be very helpful. One of my idea for this is to have an exclusive non-tradeable costume (preferably a new color of aura costume) that will be given as reward for those who got first place on such events, for the winner to have a little bragging right for his effort and practice in PvP to be enough as to stand at the top. Another is a 1v1 PvP event that will allow all items to be used except God Items or high-refined gears probably only +12 and below would be allowed. This way it will also motivate for the newbies to keep playing and farming for their gears to have a better chance in winning on the said event. Also a 2v2/3v3 PvP event might be good too, so the players will actually have to think of good combinations or synergy among their chars to win the event.
  4. A result of testing from this can pretty much close this topic already Unless you're looking for any change about what the result may be
  5. Has it been confirmed that "Wrong supporting skills" on WoE Ranking decreases or affects emperium fragment rewarding? Enlighten me pls
  6. I've also thought about changing the algorithm instead, so it would be easier of a work to do. I don't think its the 2000 points that matters. Changing the 2000 points into something lower like 100-500 would seem bad as i've seen people who got 1700+ points (-300), which means it would result to a negative number and might complicate things more, and i believe increasing it won't really do anything. Another idea is to just increase the points players GAIN (dealing damage to enemies, stones, supporting, etc.) by around x10 or more from what have right now. That is if the points we have in woe ranking site is only for the ranking and doesn't affect anything in-game which means its just for show and ranking. That way we can actually ensure that anyone who does anything to gain points in woe won't be overshadowed by the FIXED POINTS of everyone online during WoE time (even those who doesn't participate) even if they do lose points. No need to increase the point loss by dying or doing wrong things as it won't really matter. Also this way WoE ranking will be just seen as who gains the most points instead of being able to discern who also lost so much points to avoid discrimination. Edit: For example in K/D scoring is +50 points per kill and -50 points per death, increasing our point gain by ten fold will mean +500 points per kill. With that, even if a player scores 2-10 (2 kills 10 deaths) the player will have a +1000 from kills and -500 from deaths, the player will have 2500 points still going above 2000 fixed points. In case the player gets 2-20 score which will result to be equal for 2000 points, there are still some objectives to do to gain points (healing, supporting, damaging emp etc.) that is also increased ten folds on point giving which will cover up the needed points to be more than 2000.
  7. Most probably it works in a way that when WoE starts which means this thing turns green and "on" , the WoE ranking page is programmed to reset all points (Points from previous WoE) and distributes 2000 points for everyone online. Most probably there's something in the site that gives info to the site or GMs about who and how many players are online and instantly distributes 2000 points to them right when woe starts, and to those who goes online while woe is on going. Delimiting this kind of thing to a specific map (woe_map) might prove to be kinda hard since this thing is 80% all about the website and the database, not in-game, which means applying it to something specific that is in-game connected might be difficult. I'm not sure of what i'm saying but this is just my insight or theory
  8. Damn that was rude hahaha Anyway, most probably the script for this thing is that ALL people online in GatheringRO during woe time is given a fixed points each (2000 as you can see), which gets higher/increased by doing objectives such as dealing damage to enemies, stones, supporting, etc. and gets lower/decreased every death or wrong things you do in woe. The chars that didn't really participate in woe will have their points fixed in 2000 and won't be able to accumulate any emperium fragments or rewards, and the those who have less than 2000 points simply means they lost points more than they did to gain more points to stay above 2000 points in woe ranking but will be able to gain emperium rewards, but of course those vendors with unmoved fixed points will have higher points and higher standing in woe ranking even if they didn't do anything because of their fixed points. I neither agree or disagree to this suggestion, but my idea to attend to this matter is to only give points or fixed points to people who actually went to woe map or woe castle during woe time to avoid such issue since it seems that people with less than 2000 points thinks they deserve to be seen in rankings. But i do think scripting this kind of thing will be much of a hassle for our admin or developer because just making the fixed points global to Gro really lessens the hassle and complication. PS: WoE Ranking works normally for 20 players, not 10 players, it's just that most of the people get less than 2000 points in WoE that's why they get overtaken by the vendors with fixed 2000 points. If 20 or more active woe players gets more than 2000 points, we won't see any vendors in woe ranking.
  9. Is this suggestion serious? Has the players of GatheringRO become too lazy and forgot the essence of "Switching" in RO? Cause with that you totally won't need this crappy suggestion.
  10. Sanaaa


    Sino ka ulit sir? Hahaha wala akong extra yung meg ko lang to kinalas ko sensya
  11. That's a problem with your internet, not the client.
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